Friday, January 4, 2013

Getting Caught Up - Chaos Reinforcements Built

Over the Holidays, I got some kits built that I have been wanting to build. I built 10 Raptors for my Blightlord CSM army. It is mainly an anti-Infantry squad with two flamers and a Champion with a Power Sword. I have contemplated picking up another Raptor kit and building a second Champion with Power Fist and two Raptors with Meltaguns. This would give me the option of running it as an anti-Tank squad. The new Raptor kit is a very nice kit with lots of extras.

Blightlord Raptors

My Chaos Daemon army focuses heavily on Nurgle Daemons and I have been wanting to branch out to some of the other gods, so I built twenty Bloodletters and ten Pink Horrors.

Pink Horrors

These are all ready to be primed and painted.

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