Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deathwing Squads Built

This first two parts of my 40k Fight Club 2013 Hobby Challenge are built and ready for priming. First, a unit of Deathwing Knights.

Deathwing Knights

Second, a Deathwing squad with Plasma Cannon.

Deathwing Squad with Plasma Cannon

The new Deathwing Terminator kit is just awesome. The Termies are covered in DA icons and symbology, and there are a lot of extra pieces that I will use at some point to update some of my older plastic Terminator models. I have ten Terminators with Thunder Hammer and Storm shield that I plan to replace the Storm Shields with the new leftover ones from the Deathwing kit. Although, with the introduction of Deathwing Knights, is there a use for Deathwing Termies with Thunderhammer and Storm Shield? I am not so sure, but they will look cool.

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