Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cadian Paint Recipe

I am making sure to document all my paint recipes and this one is for painting my Cadian 8th Imperial Guard army. I need to post it before I lose it. This recipe predates the new GW paint line, so I will most likely need to update it at some point when I get back to painting them.
  • Prime with Black Primer
  • Uniform
    • Base coat with Desert Yellow Tallarn Sand
    • Hightlight with Kommando Khaki Karak Stone
    • Fine highlight with Bleached Bone Ushabti Bone
  • Flak Armor
    • Base coat with Catachan Green Castellan Green
    • Fine hightlight with Camo Green Elysian Green
  • Flesh
    • Base coat with Dark Flesh
    • Paint with 50/50 mix of Dark Flesh and Dwarf Flesh Ratskin Flesh
    • Hightlight with Dwarf Flesh Ratskin Flesh
    • Wash with 50/50 Ogryn Flesh Reikland Fleshshade and water
  • Base (my standard base scheme I use for all armies)
    • Base coat with Bestial Brown Mournfang Brown
    • Overbrush with Bubonic Brown Zamesi Desert
    • Drybrush with Bleached Bone Ushabti Bone

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