Friday, November 30, 2012

Blightlord Sorcerer and CSM Squad Complete

I finished my monthly painting project for the 40k Fight Club 2012 Painting Challenge, my Blightlord Sorcerer. I like how he turned out. He definately looks like a blessed servant of Papa Nurgle!

Blightlord Sorcerer Front
Blightlord Sorcerer Back

In addition, I also completed my first Blightlord CSM squad, Squad Pox.

Blightlord Squad Pox

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Von said...

I like the range of different greens you've used on the Lord, especially on the belly and face and the business end of the glaive. That goes a long way toward livening up a model which could otherwise be rather dull, as does the red cloakery on his back.

Less keen on the Marines, who I find a bit samey without that eye-catching spot colour, but they're well executed basic troopers and I suppose not everything can be eye-catching.