Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First games with new Necron Codex

I got my first two games with the new Necron Codex last week and I got thoroughly crushed in both games. I played against Sisters of Battle and Imperial Guard. With not having any of my new kits built, I just used all my old models. I was beaten so badly that there really is nothing to report.

Necrons are not the same army they used to be, nor will they play like it. If you play them that way, you will be crushed. Finding the secret to playing them will require some out-of-the-box thinking and some new tactics.

I have been reading through the codex over and over, and browsing the Internet, looking for ideas on how to play them. I have gotten all my new kits built this weekend which includes an Overlord, Doomsday Arc, Annihilation Barge, Command Barge, 5 Lychguard, and 5 Immortals with Tesla Carbines. I am going to try to get some more games in this week to try this new stuff out and see if I can discover the secrets of playing them.


high king maalca said...

i have looked at starting a necron army and i came up after hours of hard work with a strategy
throw your lych gard best with the new shilds infrount of the doomsday ark to either side have a destroyer or heavy destroyer escourt. behind the doomsday ark put troops and in the back a command bardge. this is a high defence stratagy which works for cappturing key points with troops in the middle kill points by pretecting the weakest link or just parading down the street and going on a massicure of enemey troops
mobility wise works best with little to no terrain.
please excuse all typos in this passage
call me
maalca or rexadill
etheir is exeptible

high king maalca said...

please note the more terrain this carivan goes through the harder it is to keep together

high king maalca said...

fell free to ADD extra modles to suit your personall prefrences and point requierments better. This is a flexiable yet strong stratagey

high king maalca said...

to hear more or to ask questions
heak even advice go to www.everything40k.blogspot.com