Friday, September 2, 2011

Ogres Have Arrived!

Mine have at least. I picked up the new Ogre Kingdoms army book last night and I have pretty much already read through it. I like it. I am no expert when it comes to WHFB, but the book seems balanced. Most of the rumors I read were true. Here are some of the things that have changed.

Slaughtermasters can now be the army General. I like this a lot.

Maneaters are cheaper and are now a Special choice instead of Rare. They now have a rule called Been There, Done That that allows them to choose two special rules from the following list: Immune to Psychology, Poisoned Attacks, Scout, Sniper, Strider, Stubborn, Swiftstride and Vanguard. No two Maneater units are allowed to take the same rule. A lot of possibilities here.

Ogres (sadly they are no longer called Bulls) are now 5 points cheaper and include Light Armor. Ironfists are cheaper, but now only count as shields. Ironguts also dropped in points. Command group upgrade costs are cheaper and are pretty standard throughout the book.

Leadbelchers have changed significantly. In addition to being cheaper, they now roll a d6 for the number of shots instead of the misfire dice (No more misfires!). Plus they can fire every turn and the range of the Leadbelcher cannon increased to 24". They do not suffer shooting penalties for Moving and Shooting or Multiple Shots. However, they are now Slow to Fire and cannot Stand and Shoot as a charge reaction.

Gnoblars went up half a point and lost Sharp Stuff. They now just have throwing weapons. Trappers are now a unit upgrade for Gnoblar units and they cause any unit that successfully charges the front rank of the unit to make a Dangerous Terrain test for the entire charging unit once the charge is complete! As far as I can tell, this is in addition to being able to Stand & Shoot with their throwing weapons! Units will think twice before charging them!

The Scraplauncher moved to a Rare slot, and now uses the small blast template but it retains Killing Blow. We will probably see a lot less of these on the battle fields.

All the new stuff looks great, but that will have to wait for another post.

I cannot wait to get my Ogres onto the battlefield!

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