Thursday, September 29, 2011

My New Battlefoam trays for Ogres

A couple of weeks ago I order the new Battlefoam Ogre Kingdoms trays for my Ogre army and they just arrived today. I really wanted to get these because I was nervous about transporting my Stonehorn and Thundertusk. Here are the trays of that I ordered.

This is the new Ogre Troop Tray. It holds 16 Ogres, 8 Ironguts, and three Standard Bearers. The only issue with this tray is that the Crusher's sword sticks out of the top of the tray. Otherwise everything fits nicely.

Next is the Ogre Artillery tray. It holds 8 Leadbelchers, 2 Ironblasters, and 2 Scraplaunchers. I have not built my new Scraplauncher yet, but everything else fits nicely.

Here is the Lord and Hero tray. It holds all the special characters, casters, Hunter, Sabertusks, and lots of Maneaters. Since I do not have the two large special characters, I am using those slots for my Gorgers.

The Thundertusk/Stonehorn tray holds two of these plus four Mournfang Cavalry. This is the thickest tray I have seen coming in at 7 inches. I am using the Mournfang slots to hold my Rhinox Riders.

Lastly is the Mournfang tray which holds eight models, including a standard bearer. Unfortunately, some of the Mournfang do not fit in these slots. The mounts that have upward pointing tusks will not fit in any of the slots. Also, the raised sword on the crusher will not fit either. Otherwise everything else fits nicely.

Overall I am very happy with these trays. I just wish the mournfang would fit. I am sure I can cut some slots to make them fit, but I just hate cutting these up.

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Ben said...

Hey man, I realise this is an old post and you probably got this sorted way back - but the 4 slots on the thundertusk/ stonehorn tray are also great for mournfang to fit in :)