Sunday, September 25, 2011

Job Change and my 2011 Painting Challenge Projects

This last week at work I got a promotion to a Management position directly supervising four people. I have been a team leader before but never a manager, so this is a new experience for me. After fifteen years of sitting in cubicles, I now have my own office. Overall, I am excited about the position and the experience I will gain. Hopefully this promotion will not affect my hobby time too much.

Last month, I tried painting four projects for the 2011 Painting Challenge. While I got three of them finished, I did not finish the fourth one. Here is a picture of the progress I made on Epidemius. I want to get it finished because it is the last Nurgle Daemon model I have to paint and the army will be fully painted.

I only have six days left in this month to get a project painted, but I am still going to try to do it. I am going to paint my two Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrums.


I need to go get painting now.

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