Friday, September 9, 2011

First game with new Ogre Kingdom's Book

This was on Tuesday night and it was really just a practice game. A friend of mine from my FLGS is starting to get back into Fantasy with his Wood Elves and this was our third game with both of us trying to learn the 8th edition rules. It was 1500 points and it was a decisive victory for the Wood Elves.

My army list was:

- Butcher (Level 2, Grut's Sickle)
- Bruiser (Armor of Destiny, GW)
- 8 Ogres (full Command, Ironfists)
- 3 Ironguts (full command)
- 20 Gnoblar Trappers
- 3 Leadbelchers
- 3 Mournfang Cavalry (HA, IF, Full Command)
- Stonehorn

I mainly just wanted to try some of the new stuff out and here are my impressions.

Using Grut's Sickle helped me to easily cast my spells and not have them countered, that is until turn two when I rolled the snake-eyes at the end of the Magic Phase and I lost my only caster. That was costly.

The Mournfang Cavalry charged a unit of Tree-kin on round two. Unfortunately, they did poorly during combat. They managed to kill one Tree-kin but lost one Mournfang. The Mournfang lost combat by one, they fled and were run down.

The Ogre unit failed a charge against a large unit of Dryads, who charged in the subsequent turn. It was a pretty even match up as the first two turns of combat were tied but went to the Ogres thanks to the Bellower. The Dryads failed their second Ld check and fled. They were run down.

I lost my unit of Leadbelchers to the scouting Waywatchers with Killing Blow over the first two turns, and then two of the Ironguts on turn three. Waywatchers are vicious against Ogres.

The Stonehorn was my only survivor of the game, it still had two wounds left. It did manage to kill a full unit of Gladeguard and the two remaining Tree-kin.


Max said...

I may be wrong on this as I am a noob when it comes to Fantasy, but I'm pretty sure killing blow doesn't affect monstrous infantry. You need Heroic Killing blow to do that.

Also, remember that a Battle Standard Bearer Bruiser is FTW!

slipwing said...

By golly you are right! That certainly would have changed the game dramatically. I guess that is one of the problems when both players do not know the rules well enough. Live and learn.