Thursday, September 29, 2011

My New Battlefoam trays for Ogres

A couple of weeks ago I order the new Battlefoam Ogre Kingdoms trays for my Ogre army and they just arrived today. I really wanted to get these because I was nervous about transporting my Stonehorn and Thundertusk. Here are the trays of that I ordered.

This is the new Ogre Troop Tray. It holds 16 Ogres, 8 Ironguts, and three Standard Bearers. The only issue with this tray is that the Crusher's sword sticks out of the top of the tray. Otherwise everything fits nicely.

Next is the Ogre Artillery tray. It holds 8 Leadbelchers, 2 Ironblasters, and 2 Scraplaunchers. I have not built my new Scraplauncher yet, but everything else fits nicely.

Here is the Lord and Hero tray. It holds all the special characters, casters, Hunter, Sabertusks, and lots of Maneaters. Since I do not have the two large special characters, I am using those slots for my Gorgers.

The Thundertusk/Stonehorn tray holds two of these plus four Mournfang Cavalry. This is the thickest tray I have seen coming in at 7 inches. I am using the Mournfang slots to hold my Rhinox Riders.

Lastly is the Mournfang tray which holds eight models, including a standard bearer. Unfortunately, some of the Mournfang do not fit in these slots. The mounts that have upward pointing tusks will not fit in any of the slots. Also, the raised sword on the crusher will not fit either. Otherwise everything else fits nicely.

Overall I am very happy with these trays. I just wish the mournfang would fit. I am sure I can cut some slots to make them fit, but I just hate cutting these up.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Arcane Fulcrums Complete

I was able to knock out my September painting projects in just over a day. They were really easy to paint.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Job Change and my 2011 Painting Challenge Projects

This last week at work I got a promotion to a Management position directly supervising four people. I have been a team leader before but never a manager, so this is a new experience for me. After fifteen years of sitting in cubicles, I now have my own office. Overall, I am excited about the position and the experience I will gain. Hopefully this promotion will not affect my hobby time too much.

Last month, I tried painting four projects for the 2011 Painting Challenge. While I got three of them finished, I did not finish the fourth one. Here is a picture of the progress I made on Epidemius. I want to get it finished because it is the last Nurgle Daemon model I have to paint and the army will be fully painted.

I only have six days left in this month to get a project painted, but I am still going to try to do it. I am going to paint my two Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrums.


I need to go get painting now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Slaughtermaster progress and kitbashed Gutlord

I have made some progress on my Slaughtermaster this week, I added a few hunks of meat that were included with the new new Stonehorn/Thundertusk and Mournfang kits. I like the way it came out so far, but I am not sure if I am done with him yet. What do you think?

I also have kitbashed a new Irongut Gutlord using some of the pieces from various different kits. The head is from the Ironblaster/Scraplauncher kit and was really the inspiration for this model. The greatweapon is from the Mournfang kit.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Stay-cation and more Ogre Kingdoms WIPs!

I am taking this week off of work because I am building up too much PTO and I will lose it if I do not use it. I could also use the time off to relax and unwind. With the kids back in school, I am just planning to stay home all week and pretty do whatever I want.

As well as getting some gaming in this week, I am hoping to get all my new Ogre Kingdoms models built, although I have already made good progress over the past week. Here are some pictures of what I have built so far. First up, a Firebelly and Golgfag Maneater.

I must say that after this experience with Citidel Finecast, I am not as much of a fan as I was with my previous experience. The Firebelly had quite a few cating bubbles, but they are all on the bottom of the model where they cannot be seen. Golgfag on the other hand was a bit worse. If you look at the top of his gutplate, you will see a gap where his gutplate was miscast. I kept it to represent battle damage and will gap fill it with some green stuff. He also has quite a few bubbles, mostly where they cannot be seen, and the pieces did not fit together very well at all. It took a lot of work to put the pieces together so they fit, but I was able to do it without having to use green stuff.

The Mournfang Cavalry that I got came without any bases. I called GW and they are going to send them to me. I took these bases from the Tomb Kings kits I have yet to build. Overall, I like these models a lot. They went together fairly well and have lots of extra bits. I used an extra Bellower head and arm from my bitz box because I did not want to use the horn on the Musician.

Here is my Thundertusk so far. After seeing this model in person, I like it much better than I did when I first saw it.

And lastly, my Ironblaster. This kit has a lot of pieces to it and takes a bit of work to put together. I like it though. However, the base seems a bit small for the model. The Rhinox head and horns stick out significantly from the front.

Friday, September 9, 2011

First game with new Ogre Kingdom's Book

This was on Tuesday night and it was really just a practice game. A friend of mine from my FLGS is starting to get back into Fantasy with his Wood Elves and this was our third game with both of us trying to learn the 8th edition rules. It was 1500 points and it was a decisive victory for the Wood Elves.

My army list was:

- Butcher (Level 2, Grut's Sickle)
- Bruiser (Armor of Destiny, GW)
- 8 Ogres (full Command, Ironfists)
- 3 Ironguts (full command)
- 20 Gnoblar Trappers
- 3 Leadbelchers
- 3 Mournfang Cavalry (HA, IF, Full Command)
- Stonehorn

I mainly just wanted to try some of the new stuff out and here are my impressions.

Using Grut's Sickle helped me to easily cast my spells and not have them countered, that is until turn two when I rolled the snake-eyes at the end of the Magic Phase and I lost my only caster. That was costly.

The Mournfang Cavalry charged a unit of Tree-kin on round two. Unfortunately, they did poorly during combat. They managed to kill one Tree-kin but lost one Mournfang. The Mournfang lost combat by one, they fled and were run down.

The Ogre unit failed a charge against a large unit of Dryads, who charged in the subsequent turn. It was a pretty even match up as the first two turns of combat were tied but went to the Ogres thanks to the Bellower. The Dryads failed their second Ld check and fled. They were run down.

I lost my unit of Leadbelchers to the scouting Waywatchers with Killing Blow over the first two turns, and then two of the Ironguts on turn three. Waywatchers are vicious against Ogres.

The Stonehorn was my only survivor of the game, it still had two wounds left. It did manage to kill a full unit of Gladeguard and the two remaining Tree-kin.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slaughtermaster and Stonehorn WIP

I am busily working away on my new Ogre Kingdoms stuff. For this release, I ended up buying 2 Stonehorn/Thundertusk kits, 2 Ironsblaster/Scraplauncher kits, 1 Mournfang Cavalry, 1 Firebelly and Golgfag Maneater, in addition to the book and magic cards.

Here is my WIP Slaughtermaster. I used a Bellower's head from the Ogres box for this model. To me, he looks like he is 'belching' forth the power of the Great Maw.

This is my WIP Stonehorn. I have only got the beast together so far. It is comprised of many more pieces than I thought and they do not fit together as perfectly as I would like. Here are some examples.

I did my best to clean up the pieces before assembly. Some green stuff should fix it right up.

That is all for now.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ogres Have Arrived!

Mine have at least. I picked up the new Ogre Kingdoms army book last night and I have pretty much already read through it. I like it. I am no expert when it comes to WHFB, but the book seems balanced. Most of the rumors I read were true. Here are some of the things that have changed.

Slaughtermasters can now be the army General. I like this a lot.

Maneaters are cheaper and are now a Special choice instead of Rare. They now have a rule called Been There, Done That that allows them to choose two special rules from the following list: Immune to Psychology, Poisoned Attacks, Scout, Sniper, Strider, Stubborn, Swiftstride and Vanguard. No two Maneater units are allowed to take the same rule. A lot of possibilities here.

Ogres (sadly they are no longer called Bulls) are now 5 points cheaper and include Light Armor. Ironfists are cheaper, but now only count as shields. Ironguts also dropped in points. Command group upgrade costs are cheaper and are pretty standard throughout the book.

Leadbelchers have changed significantly. In addition to being cheaper, they now roll a d6 for the number of shots instead of the misfire dice (No more misfires!). Plus they can fire every turn and the range of the Leadbelcher cannon increased to 24". They do not suffer shooting penalties for Moving and Shooting or Multiple Shots. However, they are now Slow to Fire and cannot Stand and Shoot as a charge reaction.

Gnoblars went up half a point and lost Sharp Stuff. They now just have throwing weapons. Trappers are now a unit upgrade for Gnoblar units and they cause any unit that successfully charges the front rank of the unit to make a Dangerous Terrain test for the entire charging unit once the charge is complete! As far as I can tell, this is in addition to being able to Stand & Shoot with their throwing weapons! Units will think twice before charging them!

The Scraplauncher moved to a Rare slot, and now uses the small blast template but it retains Killing Blow. We will probably see a lot less of these on the battle fields.

All the new stuff looks great, but that will have to wait for another post.

I cannot wait to get my Ogres onto the battlefield!