Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WHFB Nurgle Chaos Daemons List - 2000 pts

I was able to get to my FLGS last night for my first 40k game in several months and it was good. I took my Nurgle Daemons and ended up playing a 2250 point game against a team of Grey Knights and Space Wolves. It was a fun game but it was a Capture & Control mission that ended in a Draw (as they almost always do).

Anyway, I got to thinking about my sizable Nurgle Daemon army and if it would be fun to play them in WHFB. While all my models have round bases, use of some customized movement trays would allow me to play them in rank and file formations. So, I wrote up this 2000 point list and I am looking for feedback on it.
  • Great Unclean One (level 3 wizard, Lore of Nurgle) - 535 pts
  • Herald of Nurgle (BSB, Slime Trail) - 150 pts
  • Herald of Nurgle (level 1 Wizard, Lore of Nurgle) - 165 pts
  • 20 Plaguebearers (full command) - 270 pts
  • 20 Plaguebearers (full command) - 270 pts
  • 15 Plaguebearers (full command) - 210 pts
  • 4 Beasts of Nurgle - 400 pts
  • Total: 2000 points
I would need to convert the two Heralds of Nurgle, but everything else is ready to go. What do you think, is this list feasible?

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slipwing said...

My list is illegal as someone was kind enough to point out to me. The GUO exceeds the 25% point max limit. I will need to correct it and spend the extra 50 points.