Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Built This Week

On top of making it to Tuesday Night gaming for the second week in a row, I got a lot of stuff built this week. First up, I built my first Malifaux crew. I am still waiting to hear back from Wyrd about the missing arm for Santiago, but other than that they are ready for basing and priming.

Next, I finished building the last of my Forge World order. I still have some green stuff work to do on the Rhinox Riders (around the horns of the Rhinox and the shoulders of the riders) before they are ready for priming.

And lastly, I have built the Storm of Magic items I picked up back when it was released. With the new Ogre Kingdoms book due out next month, I am looking forward to getting some SoM games in with my Ogres.

I also did some painting this week as well, here is my WIP Scabieathrax.

What do you think of my painting so far?


Spiderpope said...

Lovely Great Unclean One, you're really doing the model justice.

Perhaps lovely isnt quite the right adjective for a lord of disease and decay...

slipwing said...

Thank you Spiderpope. I really am hoping to do it justice.