Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Malifaux trial game

Rhellion was kind enough to walk me through a demo game of Malifaux last night and I have to say I enjoyed it. While I am not settled on Malifaux as of yet, there are some aspects of the game that I really liked.

We played a 15 point game. I played a Guild warband with Perdita, Nino and Santiago. Rhellion played Arcanists with Rasputina, an Ice Golem and an Ice Gamin. I think I won because Santiago was apparently very trigger happy and would not stop shooting.

As for the game system, I like the fluff of the game and the models are awesome. There is quite a wide array of models to choose from. You can play anything from Wild West Gunslingers to Zombie Hookers to Demons to a giant killer Teddy bear. There is a certain 'creepiness' to this game that really appeals to me.

I like the use of cards instead of dice. It added a whole new dimension to the game with being able to 'cheat' fate with the cards in your hand.

I have downloaded the rules manual from the Malifaux website so that I can read more.

As for the other game systems I am interested in, I have a demo game of Infinity set up for next Tuesday. Still looking for someone to demo Warmachine for me.


The Amethyst Studios said...

I'm looking forward to trying out this game. Right now I am deciding on two starter kits. One will be for me and the other my wife (so technically I am deciding one and she gets the other).

How does the flow of the game feel once you get into the swing of the game?

slipwing said...

@The Amethyst Studios: There was not much flow at first in the demo game. But as we went on, less explaining was required and it flowed pretty well.

There was another game going on that I watched and it seemed to flow well.

Unfortunately, I think the one game has bitten me pretty hard and it is very tough trying to resist buying a warband. (Are they warbands? I am not sure what they are called.) :)