Saturday, August 6, 2011

Getting into Malifaux

After my trail game of Malifaux on Monday night, I could no longer resist it and I bought the rulebook, a fate deck, and the Perdita boxed set last night.

I went with Perdita's crew because it seemd like the best starter crew Unfortunately, the Santiago model in my boxed set is missing his arm. I have already contacted Wyrd about a replacement. I hear they have really good customer service, but I probably will not get it until GenCon is over.

When I said wanted to try a game that was different, it seems Malifaux was it. I think what sold me the most was that it uses cards instead fo dice. A really nice change. I am still going to try Infinity and Warmachine and may end up getting into those as well, but we will see.

I am really looking forward to playing more Malifaux. Monday nights are Malifaux nights at my FLGS, so I think I will have plenty of opportunities, at least until Monday Night Football starts.

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