Thursday, July 14, 2011

203rd Post!

Ok, I missed my 200th post. I have been so busy with real life for the past few months that I did not realize that I had passed it even though I knew it was coming up. I had wanted to do something special for it but so much for that.

As I mentioned, I have been quite busy with real life for the past few months (work, family, summer activities, minor health issues, etc) and it has really been affecting my hobby life. I have not done much posting on my blog during this time. The last 40K game I played was on March 4th and I have not played WHFB since last year. My local gaming group has run two events in this time that I wanted to participate in but I dropped out of both of them because I knew I would not have the time or energy. The one thing I have managed to keep up with is my Painting Challenges, but I have not done much beyond that.

Anyway, it looks like things are looking up and I will be able to get back to actually playing some games. In addition, all my hard work these past few months at work has payed off because I recently got a bonus. I have used this money on a Forge World order that will complete two of my armies. I am still waiting for the order to arrive, but it should be here within a couple of days. I am excited about this order and I will be posting the contents when the box arrives, which should be within a couple days.

That is all for now.

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