Thursday, June 2, 2011

My First Citadel Finecast - Lord Kaldor Draigo

With all the talk about the new Citadel Finecast line, I decided to give one of the models a try to see how it is. So I picked up Lord Draigo for my Grey Knights.

The model comes packaged in the new 'blister' and it comes on two resin sprues. After a quick examination of the sprues, I saw practically no flash on this model and only minor mold lines. There were only two bubbles, but they were small and they were on the bottom of the cape where they would not be seen.

I took extra care clipping the pieces off the sprues so that I would not break anything. It seemed rather fragile at the time and the resin felt a bit softer than the Forge World resin that I am used to. Once off the sprue, the pieces cleaned up quickly and easily.

Overall, the model took me roughly 10 minutes to clean and assemble and it looks very good. I really hope that all Finecast models are done this well, but after having read some of the other reviews in the blogosphere, I know they are not.

What about you, what are your experiences with Finecast models?


Warflake said...

It's still early days really.
I can see them getting better.
This one in particular looks great.

oni said...

Congrats on getting an acceptable cast. I'm curious to know how GW is handling all of the FAILcast's.

Is it wrong that I felt the need to congratulate you on this? That says a lot about product perception I think.

slipwing said...

@Warflake: This model proves to me there is hope for the new model line, but only time will tell.

@Oni: I am not sure how GW is handling it, but I to am curious.

I do not know if it is wrong or not. It is hard to say what is going to happen with this line right now. It will be interesting how it all pans out though.

Kronos said...

It looks great, no doubt. As you said it gives hope for the new model line.

Anonymous said...

Whenever anyone says "FAILcast" I just tune them out. Its pathetic.