Thursday, June 23, 2011

Archangel Skyforce Built

Over the past few weeks, I have been quietly working on a Blood Angels Apocalypse Formation and I finally have it all built. Here it is, the Archangel Skyforce!

Archangel Skyforce

This formation was printed in White Dwarf 373. It consists of three Stormravens, three Furioso Dreadnoughts (can use Librarian Furiosos), and three Terminator squads (can be regular or Assault). The cool thing about this formation is that the Stormravens are considered Flyers with the Hover Rule. The formation must begin the game in reserve, but then gets to fly in, drop off the three Terminator and Furioso units, and then the Stormravens can take to the sky again. It sounds really fun to play. It has some other features too, like being able to combine firing all twelve Bloodstrike missiles at a single target and getting to use the APOC blast template. It is not a cheap formation at 200 points plus models, but well worth the price for flying Stormravens.

My formation consists of one Librarian Furioso and two regular Furiosos. Two of the Terminator squads are Assault Squads with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields (well, it is APOC). The third is a regular Terminator Squad with Heavy Flamer and one Chain fist. The Stormravens can be equipped as needed as you will see below.

Building the three Stormravens was quite a task, especially because I magnetized practically everything that could be magnetized, including the front guns and doors/Hurricane Bolters on all three. For the turrets, I only magnetized two of them. The third turret just has assault cannons. After building these three Stormravens, I hope to never build another. Here are some pictures of all the magnetizing I did.

Here is one set of magnetized bits.

With any luck, I will get to use this for the first time this upcoming weekend.


Globalsmack said...

ED you dont need the formation to use the birds as flyers in Apoc. The text box says its perfectly acceptable to use them as flyers in games of apoc.

slipwing said...

Yes, I know.

Anonymous said...

I magnetised my StormRaven, but I found that the turret guns fit just with a push fit - no magnets needed.