Monday, May 16, 2011

Tomb Kings Update

Sorry got the lack of posts lately, it has been a busy month of May for me. With spring arriving, I have been working on various home projects. In addition to the annual spring maintainence projects like yard work and spring cleaning, we have redecorated my daughter's bedroom and bought/assembled a new set of outdoor patio furniture. I had plans to build my wife's new garden box this weekend, but the weather did not cooperate for that.

However, I am still finding time to work on my Tomb Kings army and I am making some progress. Here is my Necrosphinx and Sepuchral Stalkers that are ready for painting.

Necrosphinx WIP

Sepulchral Stalkers WIP

I am currently working on my Warsphinx and should have that ready for painting soon. I do not plan to do the final assembly of the Warsphinx until after I paint it.

After the Warsphinx is ready for painting, I plan to start assembling some Skeleton Archers and Skeleton Warriors. Once I get them assembled, my army should be playable.

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