Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crashed Aquila Lander finished

I have completed the first of two projects for the month of May. When painting this terrain piece, I wanted to make it look like the Lander had crashed a while ago. So I painted it with a lot of rust and then I used static grass to make it look overgrown. Also, if you notice, I intentionally left it devoid of any Imperial markings to add some mystery to the piece. I like how it turned out.


Warflake said...

Looks great mate, the rust looks excellent.

oni said...

Very cool. I like the old beaten and weathered look contrasted by the green grass. It feels like the wreckage has been sitting around for ages.

slipwing said...

@Warflake: Thanks and welcome to the War Room!

@Oni: Thanks, that is exactly the effect I was going for.