Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crashed Aquila Lander finished

I have completed the first of two projects for the month of May. When painting this terrain piece, I wanted to make it look like the Lander had crashed a while ago. So I painted it with a lot of rust and then I used static grass to make it look overgrown. Also, if you notice, I intentionally left it devoid of any Imperial markings to add some mystery to the piece. I like how it turned out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shrine of the Aquila Progress

I decided to try something different for painting my Shrine of the Aquila. Since this project is so big, I decided to use a cheaper paint. So I went to a local Micheal's Craft store and picked up some Liquitex paint and some big paint brushes.

I have had some experience with this paint before, it is what the local game club uses to paint their terrain. At around $5.00 for a 4 oz. tube, it is a better value than GW paint ($3.70 for .4 oz.). However, I would only ever use this paint on terrain projects because it is very thick. Here is the progress I have made on my Shire so far.

I started by painting the building with a very dark mixture of the Black & Grey paint, then I began dry brushing several layers onto it, gradually lightening the paint mixture with each layer until I got it to the color I wanted. I am pleased with how this turned out. Now I just need to paint all the details, then weather it some.

For the Imperial Eagle, I painted it with GW Dwarf Bronze. My goal it to make it look like weathered copper and I want to add some verdigris. I am not entirely sure how I will do this at this yet. I have a little experience with this from when I was painting my Ogre Bulls' gut plates, but all I did there was wash them with green wash. With such a big area here, I think I will need something more. The web has several ways to do this, I am just not sure which method to use.

Also while I was at the craft store, I picked up some paint pens that were on sale for $5.00. At that price, I figured I would give them try. I plan to use them to add unit numbers to my Cadian Infantry units. If that works out, I have more plans for them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Painting Challenge Project

Here it is halfway through the month of May and I had forgotten all about my 40kFightClub Painting Challenge project for this month. I still got time to get it done, so my project for this month will be a terrain piece that I have worked on over the past couple of months, my Shrine of the Aquila.

Shrine of the Aquila

My personal 'Finish a Project' Challenge for this month is my Crashed Aquila Lander that came with the Battle for Macragge boxed set. I started painting it years ago but it is time to finish it.

Crashed Aquila Lander

Time to get painting.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tomb Kings Update

Sorry got the lack of posts lately, it has been a busy month of May for me. With spring arriving, I have been working on various home projects. In addition to the annual spring maintainence projects like yard work and spring cleaning, we have redecorated my daughter's bedroom and bought/assembled a new set of outdoor patio furniture. I had plans to build my wife's new garden box this weekend, but the weather did not cooperate for that.

However, I am still finding time to work on my Tomb Kings army and I am making some progress. Here is my Necrosphinx and Sepuchral Stalkers that are ready for painting.

Necrosphinx WIP

Sepulchral Stalkers WIP

I am currently working on my Warsphinx and should have that ready for painting soon. I do not plan to do the final assembly of the Warsphinx until after I paint it.

After the Warsphinx is ready for painting, I plan to start assembling some Skeleton Archers and Skeleton Warriors. Once I get them assembled, my army should be playable.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tomb Kings Status

Let me start off by saying that I tried to sell off my Tomb King army this last week. Why? I already have a lot of armies and I wasn't feeling like starting another one right now. I was also not sure if I am still interested in playing WH Fantasy. Anyway, I got no buyers for it and there was nothing I was interested in trading for it, so I decided to keep it.

I picked up the new book from my FLGS last night, as well as two of the new Warsphinx kits and two of the Necropolis Knight kits. They did not get any Tomb Guard in yet, I have to wait until Friday for that. I plan to use these kits to build a Necrosphinx, a Warsphinx, three Sepulchral Stalkers, and 3 Necropolis Knights. I will probably pick up a second box of NecroKnights at some point so I can increase the Knight unit to six models.

Now I just need to sit down and read the book so I can decide how I am going to build my army. Having taken some quick scans through the book, it seems like there will be a couple different builds to choose from. I think I am leaning towards a Skeleton horde army. I found a Tomb Kings forum where I can get army advice from other TK generals.

That is all for now.