Saturday, March 5, 2011

Second Game with Blood Angels

Thursday Night was my second game with my new Blood Angels army. It was a 1250 point game against Imperial Guard. The mission was Capture & Control and deployment was Spearhead. It was a pretty decisive victory for the Blood Angels thanks to some deadly accurate Descent of Angels rolls. Here is my list.

1250 Pts Blood Angels List
  • Librarian (Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Unleash Rage) - 125 pts
  • Sanguinary Priest (Jump Pack) - 75 pts
  • Furioso Dreadnought (Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)) - 180 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Flamers) - 225 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Meltas) - 235 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Meltas, Rhino) - 250 pts
  • 6 Death Company (5x BP & CC, 1x Thunder Hammer) - 150 pts
  • Total: 1240
For this list, I started with my 1500 point list from my first game and started chopping it. The first couple of things to go was the Baal Predator and the Sanguinary Priest's power weapon. I also dropped the Power Weapon and Rhino from the Death Company, as well as reduced the squad size.

Since we were playing for objectives, I Combat Squaded all my Assault Marine units. I was forced to go first. I deployed my Death Company as close to the center of the table as I could since their Black Rage was going to drive them across the table anyway. When I Combat Squaded the Assault Marine unit with the Rhino, I put the Sergeant and Meltaguns in one unit inside the Rhino (to help protect from outflankers) and the other on top of the objective in my deployment zone. Everything else was held in reserve.

The game was pretty much decided on turn two when all my DoA Assault Marines came in and landed perfectly to punch some big holes in the Guard's gun line. The Librarian destroyed a Chimera and a Lascannon team with Blood Lance (the second wound to the Lascannon team was from the exploding Chimera near it). The remaining Lascannon teams ran off the table after that.

Another Chimera was popped by the Assault Marines with Meltaguns who landed just four inches away from it. One ten man Guard unit was wiped out by the Flamer Marines who landed in perfect position to do so. The Furioso, who arrived on turn one, wiped out a Squad of Autocannon Heavy Weapon teams on turn two.

My opponent got some revenge on turn two when his LR Demolisher rolled onto the table. It got a perfect hit on the Librarian and his unit with the Demolisher Cannon, wiping out all but the Librarian. However, the Librarian died from Lasgun fire from the guardsmen who were in Chimera he destroyed.

On turn three, the Death Company made it to what was left of the Guard line and started reeking havoc, and the Jump Pack Meltagun Marines jumped over to the LR Demolisher and destroyed it.

An outflanking unit of Penal Legion came on in my deployment zone on turn three, but they were wiped out by the Assault Marines guarding my objective. The next turn, an outflanking squad of Storm Troopers arrived in my deployment zone and killed one of the two Combat Squads with their Hot Shot lasguns.

It was a fun game for me, unfortunately not so much for my opponent. We called in on turn five when there was no possibility for my opponent to claim any objectives. It appears Blood Angels can be quite deadly when they want to be.


Loquacious said...

that sounds VERY deadly! I haven't seen that kind of DoA luck though- it seems my local player misses a lot. Otherwise he'd be killing left & right.

slipwing said...

Yeah, it was pretty devestating to my opponent. I am sure I will not always be so lucky.