Thursday, March 10, 2011

Points Painted

I decided to go through all my 40k armies this week and total up the all the points that I have painted for each one. I was a bit surprised by the results.
  • Orks:  2,392 pts
  • Nurgle Daemons:  2,686 pts
  • Cadians:  202 pts
  • Necrons:  1,312 pts
  • Blightlords:  662 pts
  • Blood Angels:  0 pts
  • Total:  7,254 pts
The number was a bit higher than I expected on some of them. With Necrons, I thought I had more painted than that. Sadly, I still have at least twice this number in overall points for all my armies to paint.

Another surprising thing I realized as I was doing this was that I only had three models left to paint for my Nurgle Daemon army and it will be entirely painted! The three models are Epidemius, a Plague Hulk, and a Herald of Nurgle. I guess I have my Painting Challenge projects for next month.

However, I still have three models I want to add to that army before I would considered it complete. I need to get Scabeiathrax, the Forge World Greater Daemon of Nurgle, and a third Blight Drone. At some point I would also like to model Ka'Routh the Unstoppable. If I ever want to use him, it must be a WYSIWYG conversion.

For the rest of my armies, I just need to keep painting. Someday I will get it all painted.


Rhellion said...

Looking forward to seeing the Blood Angels painted up!

slipwing said...

Unfortunately, the BA are the lowest priority on the painting list at this time since I have not started them yet. Highest priority is the Nurgle Daemons because I am so close to being done with them.

Anton said...

I dare not tot up the amounts of points that I've got painted...

I've so many differant systems that I play apart from 40K its mental! LOL

slipwing said...

lol. I am the opposite, I am scared to total all the unpainted points I have.