Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nurgle Plague Tower

A couple of days ago, I was looking through the APOC Data Sheets on GW's website and I noticed the Nurgle Plague Tower data sheet. After reading through it, I feel I simply must build one.

I have a great idea for it. I would start with a Shadowsword kit and I would build the basic structure of the tank. I would build the Pus Cannon so that it sticks straight out of the front of the tank body, much in the same position as the Volcano Cannon. Then I would build a wooden tower out of the top of the tank with the two Demolisher cannons on the front of the tower and the Plague Mortar on the top. I would add bits of armor plating to cover some of the wooden tower. There would also need to be some kind of Pus tanks, maybe a big open one on the back with pipes leading to the weapons.

What do you think, should I build one? Even though I do not get to play APOC as much as I would like, I would still love to build one simply for the joy of building it. It would look awesome and would be a great centerpiece for my Blightlords army.


Mart said...

Its expensive and ridiculous - of course you should build it!!

Mike Howell said...

Truer words have never been spoken.

(Especially when I just to just sit back and watch!)

slipwing said...

You're both right! It certain feels like a must build. Now, to find the time to build it. However, if I get it built, I can at least paint it as one of my Painting Challenge projects.