Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Large Shrine of the Aquilla WIP

I decided to take a break from painting this weekend and I started building my Shrines of the Aquilla I got for Christmas. Using some left over Cities of Death building panels that I had, I was able to build quite an elaborate, and somewhat large, ruined building. I have a lot of work to do on it still, but here are a couple of pictures of it so far.

As you can see, it's rather large. And believe it or not, part of me wants to make it even bigger, but I should probably stop.

I am looking forward to finishing this piece so I can play on it.


Mart said...

One word WOW!!

You probably have gone far enough, but building more cant hurt!! lol

Rhellion said...

Eminem is also amazed at how large it is.

Mihalis "Cadaver" Skalkos said...

LOL@ Rhellion!

This is SO inspirational! I just got a kit of the aquilla shrine and I was thinking that this huge eagle should be treated better than a ruined corner building. I think I'm gonna give it a try myself!

slipwing said...

@Mart: Thanks. Bigger is always better, right?

@Rhellion: lol. I was wondering how long it would take someone to point that out. Kid Rock's picture is also on that page, but covered up. Congrats on being the first!

@Mihalis: Thanks! I felt the same way, which is why I spent a good amount of time digging through my bitz box for inspiration. Good luck on yours!