Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grey Knights on hold, possible Tomb Kings

I am going holding off on updating my Grey Knights army at this time for several reasons.

First, a friend of mine is very interested in acquiring my Grey Knights. Given that I feel I already have too many armies, I may just take him up on it, provided that I can get something good in return.

Second, it is looking like I may be trading the WHFB Empire army I was given a few months back for some used Tomb Kings stuff. If the trade goes through, I would prefer to work on this army over Grey Knights. This would be good timing given that the new army book is due out in just over a month. I am very anxious to see what the new book holds. Back when I was trying to choose a WHFB army last year, Tomb Kings were my first choice. But I went with Ogre Kingdoms, my second choice, because everyone said to wait until the new book comes out.

And lastly, I am going to be playing in a league with my local gaming group that will be starting in three weeks and I am going to use this to focus on painting one of my armies, either Blood Angels or Cadians. Leagues are great motivators to get your army painted if it is not already. I am having a tough time deciding which army to do though.

So, Grey Knights will remain on the shelf for the time being.


Mike Howell said...

There will be no lack of GK's around, so something unusual like Tomb Kings will be cool. I have never actually seen a player with a full 2k Tomb Kings army on the table.

Get to it!

slipwing said...

True enough, GKs will be plentiful.

I do not actually have the TK stuff yet, so I cannot start on it. I am hoping the trade goes through and I will need to assemble a 2250 point army because that is what the GLWL (Great Lakes Warhammer League) runs. That is most likely where I play the most.