Friday, March 4, 2011

First Game with Blood Angels

This week has been a good week for gaming. I was able to get in two games with my Blood Angel army so far this week and I have a third game scheduled for Saturday.

Tuesday night was my first game and it was a 1500 point game against Dark Eldar. The mission was Annihilation and deployment was Pitched Battle. Here is my list.

1500 pt Blood Angel list
  • Librarian (Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Unleash Rage) - 125 pts
  • Sanguinary Priest (Jump Pack, Power Weapon) - 90 pts
  • Furioso Dreadnought (Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)) - 180 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Flamers) - 225 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Meltas) - 235 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Meltas, Rhino) - 250 pts
  • 8 Death Company (6x BP & CC, 1x Power Weapon, 1x Thunder Hammer, Rhino) - 255 pts
  • Baal Predator (Heavy Flamers) - 140 pts
  • Total: 1500
With this being my first game with BA and only my second against Dark Eldar, I was not sure what to expect. Even though I lost the game, I think I did pretty good. The dice were against me at some key moments of the game. Six Meltagun shots at Raiders, all within 6", and I missed all six shots. I believe this really cost me the game. Also, the Librarian failed to get off his Blood Lance at all during the game.

I deployed the Death Company and Assault Marine Rhinos on the table at the beginning of the game and left both Jump Pack Assault Marines in reserve to Deep Strike. The Baal Predator outflanked.

My opponent's Incubi with Archon and Haemonculus in a Venom killed off the Death Company pretty easily, but not before the Thunder Hammerer in the Death Company squashed the Haemonculus flat as a bug with a single hit.

The Furioso in a drop pod arrived right behind a Ravager and was able to immobilize it, only to be destroyed by a Raider with a Dark Lance on the following turn.

The Rhino with the Assault Marines in it was failed to be cracked by several Dark Lance shots and a unit of assaulting Wyches. The Marines got out next turn and assaulted the Wyches, and would have eventually beaten the Wyches if it wasn't for two Reaver units joining the assault and aiding the Wyches.

The Baal Predator arrived on the wrong side of the table with its outflank move, but it did destroy a Venom on the turn it arrived with it's TL Assault Cannons. However, the TL Assault Cannon was destroyed in the following turn and was not much use for the rest of the game.

Anyway, it was a fun game and a good learning experience. One of my biggest mistakes I believe was spreading myself too thin when deep striking. I should have concentrated more in one area of the table and made the DE come to me. I enjoy the army and I am looking forward to playing them more.

My second game was against Imperial Guard and will be the topic of my next post. My third game on Saturday is against Orks.

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