Monday, March 7, 2011

'Finish a Project' Challenge

I have decided to start a new challenge for myself beginning this month, the 'Finish a Project' Challenge, and I will be doing this in conjunction with the 2011 Painting Challenge. In addition to having lots of unpainted models, I have a fair number of partially painted projects that need to be finished.

Here is how it will work. As I choose a project for the 2011 Painting Challenge each month that is unpainted, I will choose a partially painted project from the same army and finish it in addition to my other project. This way, I can potentially finish two projects each month.

I got the idea for this because of my March painting project. I wanted to paint my Cadian Company Command Squad, but I had already started painting some of the models a while ago. So, I decided to paint the four Veterans and a special character that were all unpainted and would fulfill the Painting Challenge requirements, and I told myself that I would finish painting the rest of the squad as well.

Hopefully, this will help with my Warhammer ADHD and keep me focused on completing an army or two.

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