Friday, March 11, 2011

Cadian Company Command Squad Complete

I have completed my first challange for March, my Cadian Company Command Squad. They came out pretty good. I tried some new painting techniques on them, like the glowing blue on the plasma guns.

I am still working on the Regimental Advisors and should be done with those in a day or two.


oni said...

I like it. Lots of plasma. One of my most favorite things is watching guardsmen fall to Gets Hot. :P

slipwing said...

Yes, that usually happens, but they're expendable.

Larry said...

Congrats on hitting the painting goal for the month!

Karitas said...

If I'm running a plasma heavy command squad I tend to add a medic.

I find the 50/50 chance of a save makes up for being a gun down.

slipwing said...

@Larry: Thanks!

@Karitas: I usually run the squad in a Chimera, so there is less risk of them getting shot. However, a medic is a good idea to help with the 'Get's Hot' saves. I am already planning on painting one.