Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grey Knights on hold, possible Tomb Kings

I am going holding off on updating my Grey Knights army at this time for several reasons.

First, a friend of mine is very interested in acquiring my Grey Knights. Given that I feel I already have too many armies, I may just take him up on it, provided that I can get something good in return.

Second, it is looking like I may be trading the WHFB Empire army I was given a few months back for some used Tomb Kings stuff. If the trade goes through, I would prefer to work on this army over Grey Knights. This would be good timing given that the new army book is due out in just over a month. I am very anxious to see what the new book holds. Back when I was trying to choose a WHFB army last year, Tomb Kings were my first choice. But I went with Ogre Kingdoms, my second choice, because everyone said to wait until the new book comes out.

And lastly, I am going to be playing in a league with my local gaming group that will be starting in three weeks and I am going to use this to focus on painting one of my armies, either Blood Angels or Cadians. Leagues are great motivators to get your army painted if it is not already. I am having a tough time deciding which army to do though.

So, Grey Knights will remain on the shelf for the time being.

Monday, March 28, 2011

More progress on the Shrine of the Aquilla

I made more progress on my Shrine of the Aquilla this weekend. I got it based and added some rubble to it. Here are some pictures.

Once I got it based, I was glad that I did not make it bigger like I wanted too. The base ended up being roughly 17 x 14 inches as it is. It big enough to fit my Mig Mek Stompa inside of it.

Anyway, I made the rubble using a mixture of basing ballast, sand, and plastic sprues that I ground up using a hand meat grinder that I keep just for making rubble. It works great.

I still want to add some more detail to it before I declare it ready for painting, especially to the interior. It needs something more, I am just not sure what to add at this time. Maybe some fallen floor panels or rubble piles. I am planning to make this my Painting Challenge Project for the month of May, so I still have some time to work on it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Those old Grey Knights, they ain't what they used to be

And whether that is good or bad remains to be seen.

The new codex is almost here and I have been debating what to do with my Grey Knights. I have had a small force of them since their last release and I kept them mainly as an allying force to go with my Cadian IG army, much like my Sisters of Battle. I played them a couple of times as a pure GK army though. Here is what I have, and like most of my collection, it is all unpainted.
  • Brother-Captain Stern
  • Inquisitor Coteaz w/Henchmen
  • 5 GK Terminators including Justicar
  • 1 GK Terminator with Psycannon
  • 2 GK Terminators with Incinerators
  • 2 Grey Knight Justicars
  • 12 Grey Knights with Nemesis Force Halberds
  • 2 Grey Knights with Incinerators
  • 4 Grey Knights with Psycannons
  • 2 Inquisitors and various henchmen
  • Various Imperial Assassins
From what I have seen of the new codex up at my FLGS, this seems to be a pretty solid core army to start with. I do not think I would need to add much too it. A Dreadknight is a no-brainer of course, and it is just too cool of a model not to pick up.

I have been torn about updating them or selling them off, especially since I am very interested in Tomb Kings who are being released in May. There are also the Necron rumors that they will be released later this year. I feel like I am getting too many armies. (How many armies it too many?) But it is not like this is a new army, it is one I already have. So I think I am going to pick up at least the codex and a Dreadknight and give it a try. I might also pick up one box of the new Grey Knights just to get some of the new weapon options.

Do you have any opinions on the new GK codex yet? I am interested to hear them.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Large Shrine of the Aquilla WIP

I decided to take a break from painting this weekend and I started building my Shrines of the Aquilla I got for Christmas. Using some left over Cities of Death building panels that I had, I was able to build quite an elaborate, and somewhat large, ruined building. I have a lot of work to do on it still, but here are a couple of pictures of it so far.

As you can see, it's rather large. And believe it or not, part of me wants to make it even bigger, but I should probably stop.

I am looking forward to finishing this piece so I can play on it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lord Commissar and Cadian Junior Officer Complete

Two more models done for my Cadian army.

Lord Commissar with Power Fist
Cadian Junior Office with Power Fist

Monday, March 14, 2011

Regimental Advisors Complete

I completed the Regimental Advisors for my Cadian IG army this weekend. I had fun experimenting with some new painting techniques on these models, and I am very happy with the way they came out.

With the Officer of the Fleet, it is the first time I tried painting a white outfit. I used Codex Grey as the base coat, and then painted Skull White over it. I washed it with more Codex Grey that I thinned down with water, probably a 60 (water)/40 (paint) mix. Finally, I highlighted it with more Skull White. It came out nice.

With the Astropath's robe, I base coated it with Catachan Green and highlighted it with Camo Green. Then, I washed it with Orc Flesh Wash (not watered down). That is all I did and I really like how it came out.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Cadian Projects

The month is not even half over yet and I have already finished my Painting Challenge project for this month and my 'Finish a Project' project for this month is almost done. Since I cannot start on my next Challenge projects until next month, so I think I will continue on with a few more Cadian projects to get me through to the end of the month.

First, I am going to finish painting a Lord Commissar that is mostly done. I also want to paint a Medic for my command squad should I want to use one. Finally, I am going to paint a Veteran Squad that has three Meltagunners and a Sergeant with Laspistol and Power Sword.

Cadian Veteran Squad

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cadian Company Command Squad Complete

I have completed my first challange for March, my Cadian Company Command Squad. They came out pretty good. I tried some new painting techniques on them, like the glowing blue on the plasma guns.

I am still working on the Regimental Advisors and should be done with those in a day or two.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Points Painted

I decided to go through all my 40k armies this week and total up the all the points that I have painted for each one. I was a bit surprised by the results.
  • Orks:  2,392 pts
  • Nurgle Daemons:  2,686 pts
  • Cadians:  202 pts
  • Necrons:  1,312 pts
  • Blightlords:  662 pts
  • Blood Angels:  0 pts
  • Total:  7,254 pts
The number was a bit higher than I expected on some of them. With Necrons, I thought I had more painted than that. Sadly, I still have at least twice this number in overall points for all my armies to paint.

Another surprising thing I realized as I was doing this was that I only had three models left to paint for my Nurgle Daemon army and it will be entirely painted! The three models are Epidemius, a Plague Hulk, and a Herald of Nurgle. I guess I have my Painting Challenge projects for next month.

However, I still have three models I want to add to that army before I would considered it complete. I need to get Scabeiathrax, the Forge World Greater Daemon of Nurgle, and a third Blight Drone. At some point I would also like to model Ka'Routh the Unstoppable. If I ever want to use him, it must be a WYSIWYG conversion.

For the rest of my armies, I just need to keep painting. Someday I will get it all painted.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grey Knight Advance Orders are up

Games Workshop has posted the new Grey Knight codex and models in the Advance Orders section. Release date is April 2nd and includes a bit a stuff, including the new Dreadknight.

I am not sure what to think of the Dreadknight, it looks a bit out of place in the Warhammer universe, but it is pretty cool model though.

The Grey Knight and GK Terminator kits look good, and the new Special Character, Lord Kaldor Draigo, looks really good.

Grey Knights look like they are going to be a really interesting army.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cadian Company Command Squad WIP

Here is a picture of my Cadian Command Squad work in progress.

I think they are coming along good so far. I tried for the first time to make the top part of the plasma guns look like it was glowing blue. I am not entire happy with the way it came out. I guess I just need more practice at painting stuff that glows.

Monday, March 7, 2011

'Finish a Project' Challenge

I have decided to start a new challenge for myself beginning this month, the 'Finish a Project' Challenge, and I will be doing this in conjunction with the 40kFightClub.com 2011 Painting Challenge. In addition to having lots of unpainted models, I have a fair number of partially painted projects that need to be finished.

Here is how it will work. As I choose a project for the 40kFightClub.com 2011 Painting Challenge each month that is unpainted, I will choose a partially painted project from the same army and finish it in addition to my other project. This way, I can potentially finish two projects each month.

I got the idea for this because of my March painting project. I wanted to paint my Cadian Company Command Squad, but I had already started painting some of the models a while ago. So, I decided to paint the four Veterans and a special character that were all unpainted and would fulfill the Painting Challenge requirements, and I told myself that I would finish painting the rest of the squad as well.

Hopefully, this will help with my Warhammer ADHD and keep me focused on completing an army or two.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Second Game with Blood Angels

Thursday Night was my second game with my new Blood Angels army. It was a 1250 point game against Imperial Guard. The mission was Capture & Control and deployment was Spearhead. It was a pretty decisive victory for the Blood Angels thanks to some deadly accurate Descent of Angels rolls. Here is my list.

1250 Pts Blood Angels List
  • Librarian (Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Unleash Rage) - 125 pts
  • Sanguinary Priest (Jump Pack) - 75 pts
  • Furioso Dreadnought (Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)) - 180 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Flamers) - 225 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Meltas) - 235 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Meltas, Rhino) - 250 pts
  • 6 Death Company (5x BP & CC, 1x Thunder Hammer) - 150 pts
  • Total: 1240
For this list, I started with my 1500 point list from my first game and started chopping it. The first couple of things to go was the Baal Predator and the Sanguinary Priest's power weapon. I also dropped the Power Weapon and Rhino from the Death Company, as well as reduced the squad size.

Since we were playing for objectives, I Combat Squaded all my Assault Marine units. I was forced to go first. I deployed my Death Company as close to the center of the table as I could since their Black Rage was going to drive them across the table anyway. When I Combat Squaded the Assault Marine unit with the Rhino, I put the Sergeant and Meltaguns in one unit inside the Rhino (to help protect from outflankers) and the other on top of the objective in my deployment zone. Everything else was held in reserve.

The game was pretty much decided on turn two when all my DoA Assault Marines came in and landed perfectly to punch some big holes in the Guard's gun line. The Librarian destroyed a Chimera and a Lascannon team with Blood Lance (the second wound to the Lascannon team was from the exploding Chimera near it). The remaining Lascannon teams ran off the table after that.

Another Chimera was popped by the Assault Marines with Meltaguns who landed just four inches away from it. One ten man Guard unit was wiped out by the Flamer Marines who landed in perfect position to do so. The Furioso, who arrived on turn one, wiped out a Squad of Autocannon Heavy Weapon teams on turn two.

My opponent got some revenge on turn two when his LR Demolisher rolled onto the table. It got a perfect hit on the Librarian and his unit with the Demolisher Cannon, wiping out all but the Librarian. However, the Librarian died from Lasgun fire from the guardsmen who were in Chimera he destroyed.

On turn three, the Death Company made it to what was left of the Guard line and started reeking havoc, and the Jump Pack Meltagun Marines jumped over to the LR Demolisher and destroyed it.

An outflanking unit of Penal Legion came on in my deployment zone on turn three, but they were wiped out by the Assault Marines guarding my objective. The next turn, an outflanking squad of Storm Troopers arrived in my deployment zone and killed one of the two Combat Squads with their Hot Shot lasguns.

It was a fun game for me, unfortunately not so much for my opponent. We called in on turn five when there was no possibility for my opponent to claim any objectives. It appears Blood Angels can be quite deadly when they want to be.

Friday, March 4, 2011

First Game with Blood Angels

This week has been a good week for gaming. I was able to get in two games with my Blood Angel army so far this week and I have a third game scheduled for Saturday.

Tuesday night was my first game and it was a 1500 point game against Dark Eldar. The mission was Annihilation and deployment was Pitched Battle. Here is my list.

1500 pt Blood Angel list
  • Librarian (Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Unleash Rage) - 125 pts
  • Sanguinary Priest (Jump Pack, Power Weapon) - 90 pts
  • Furioso Dreadnought (Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)) - 180 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Flamers) - 225 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Meltas) - 235 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines (Sergeant w/PF, 2x Meltas, Rhino) - 250 pts
  • 8 Death Company (6x BP & CC, 1x Power Weapon, 1x Thunder Hammer, Rhino) - 255 pts
  • Baal Predator (Heavy Flamers) - 140 pts
  • Total: 1500
With this being my first game with BA and only my second against Dark Eldar, I was not sure what to expect. Even though I lost the game, I think I did pretty good. The dice were against me at some key moments of the game. Six Meltagun shots at Raiders, all within 6", and I missed all six shots. I believe this really cost me the game. Also, the Librarian failed to get off his Blood Lance at all during the game.

I deployed the Death Company and Assault Marine Rhinos on the table at the beginning of the game and left both Jump Pack Assault Marines in reserve to Deep Strike. The Baal Predator outflanked.

My opponent's Incubi with Archon and Haemonculus in a Venom killed off the Death Company pretty easily, but not before the Thunder Hammerer in the Death Company squashed the Haemonculus flat as a bug with a single hit.

The Furioso in a drop pod arrived right behind a Ravager and was able to immobilize it, only to be destroyed by a Raider with a Dark Lance on the following turn.

The Rhino with the Assault Marines in it was failed to be cracked by several Dark Lance shots and a unit of assaulting Wyches. The Marines got out next turn and assaulted the Wyches, and would have eventually beaten the Wyches if it wasn't for two Reaver units joining the assault and aiding the Wyches.

The Baal Predator arrived on the wrong side of the table with its outflank move, but it did destroy a Venom on the turn it arrived with it's TL Assault Cannons. However, the TL Assault Cannon was destroyed in the following turn and was not much use for the rest of the game.

Anyway, it was a fun game and a good learning experience. One of my biggest mistakes I believe was spreading myself too thin when deep striking. I should have concentrated more in one area of the table and made the DE come to me. I enjoy the army and I am looking forward to playing them more.

My second game was against Imperial Guard and will be the topic of my next post. My third game on Saturday is against Orks.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"We have awoken!"

A little over a month ago, I traded an old WHFB Dwarf army for a Blood Angels army and over the past month, I have slowly been working on getting this army ready for playing. In this time, I acquire three of the new Furioso Dreadnought kits that were released in February and although I got them assembled a couple of weeks ago, I am just now getting around to posting them. So, here are my four BA Dreads. The fourth one is an AoBR Dread that I had and never did anything with until now.

We have awoken!

I built one of each Dreadnought type: Furioso, Librarian Furioso, and Death Company. These kits are really nice. I built all three of the Magna Grapples, but I did not glue them on. They fit quite snug and stay in place on their own without needing magnets, which is nice.

As for my other BA stuff, I have been working on the Stormraven my family got me for my Birthday last month. It is about 50% built, I am trying to decide on the best way to magnetize the weapons before I finish building it. I have not assembled my Saguinary Guard yet, I am trying to decide the best way to equip them before I do.

I am in no rush to paint my BA army right now given all the other stuff I have to paint. I would rather keep the army unprimed and unpainted until then.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Blog Stuff Day

For Old Blog Stuff day, here is the most viewed post on my blog. It has been view nearly 800 times, almost twice as much the second most viewed post. Oddly enough, the most viewed post is also one of the shortest posts I have made, if not the shortest.

Bad Moon Ork Warboss

I have completed my ork warboss. I think he turned out nice.

Next I am going to start painting my slugga boyz.

My favorite post of all has to be the one I made after I completed my Big Mek Stompa, the pride and joy of my wargaming collection.

Nurgle Plague Tower

A couple of days ago, I was looking through the APOC Data Sheets on GW's website and I noticed the Nurgle Plague Tower data sheet. After reading through it, I feel I simply must build one.

I have a great idea for it. I would start with a Shadowsword kit and I would build the basic structure of the tank. I would build the Pus Cannon so that it sticks straight out of the front of the tank body, much in the same position as the Volcano Cannon. Then I would build a wooden tower out of the top of the tank with the two Demolisher cannons on the front of the tower and the Plague Mortar on the top. I would add bits of armor plating to cover some of the wooden tower. There would also need to be some kind of Pus tanks, maybe a big open one on the back with pipes leading to the weapons.

What do you think, should I build one? Even though I do not get to play APOC as much as I would like, I would still love to build one simply for the joy of building it. It would look awesome and would be a great centerpiece for my Blightlords army.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March's Painting Challenge Project

This month I am not going to wait until the last minute to get started on my 40kFightClub 2011 Painting Challenge Project. For March, I am going to choose a project from my Cadian 8th IG army since it has been a while since I have done anything with my guard army. I am going to paint the Company Command Squad.

I had already started painting this squad a long time ago, and since it needs to be unpainted for the Challenge, I am going to paint Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed and four veteran Guardsmen with Plasma Guns. This will count as a minimum sized unit that is required for the challenge.

However, I am also going to finish painting the rest of the squad, plus another Officer with a Power Fist that needs finishing since I prefer to paint in units of five models.