Monday, February 14, 2011

Incoming: Tomb Kings

From GW's Website.

An ancient race that has lain dormant for thousands of years, the Tomb Kings now awaken from within their ancient burial pyramids. Cheated from the eternal life that they were promised, the Tomb Kings are instead doomed to an eternal undeath - awakened they thirst for vengeance against those who would disturb their slumber.

At the command of these undying lords march legions of implacable Skeleton Warriors, hosts of chariots crewed by long-dead crewmen and towering statues carved from unyielding stone.

The armies of the Tomb Kings are vast, unstoppable hordes that know neither fear nor remorse - and they shall not rest until all who stand against them are laid low.

This May Warhammer: Tomb Kings is released, containing everything you need to use the legions of Nehekhara in your games of Warhammer.

Alongside the new book we'll also be releases a slew of amazing new miniatures for Tomb Kings players to collect and add to their armies. Details are being kept firmly under wraps for now, but more details will be available over the coming months. To make sure you're the first to see the new models and read the latest news keep your eyes fixed to the pages of White Dwarf, the Games Workshop newsletter and the What's New Today blog.

In the meantime, if you're a Tomb Kings player (or thinking about becoming one) it's time to start building up your Undead hordes in preparation for the new arrivals. So, out with the large drybrush (and the pot of Bleached Bone) and onwards to glory!

Presented below are two exclusive sneak peeks at the upcoming releases. Please keep checking back on the website, and in White Dwarf for more information in the near future.

Last thing I need to be thinking about right now is another army, but last year when I was trying to decide on a Warhammer Fantasy army, Tomb Kings was one of my top choices. Everyone I talked to about them told me to stay away from them because they were bad and there were rumors of a new army book at some point, thus Ogres won out. However, I am still interested in them and I am curious about what this new army book will bring, so I will be watching the rumor mills.


Da Masta Cheef said...

'Details are being kept firmly under wraps for now'

Is it just me, or does imply something in regards to mummies?

slipwing said...

lol, I hadn't notice that. Mummies would be cool, but where would they fit into the army?