Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blightlord Terminators and more Plague Zombies

I have assembled my Blightlord Terminators and my final seven Plague Zombies for my ToFG army. For the Terminators, I used the Forge World Death Guard Terminator bits, but I want to use some green stuff to Nurgle-ify the rest of the model and bring it all together.

For my 'counts as Lesser Daemons' Plague Zombies, I just used the WHFB Zombies like I did for Period III, but this time I made two Zombies using some Cadian bits. I like them, but they they need some more work and green stuff on the Cadian bits to bring the whole model together.

These are not the last Plague Zombies I plan to make. Once the ToFG is over, I can go back and make some more, this time using Catachan and Space Marine bitz.

I have also assembled my Vindicator to the point where I can start to Nurgle-ify it and turn it into a Plague-spitter (a 'counts as Vindicator' that instead of shooting shells, it spits big globs of toxic goo), but since I have not started any conversion work on it, there is no point in just showing a picture of a partially built tank.


Loquacious said...

Love the Termies... so retch-inducing =)))

Thor said...

Looking good. Those Forge World bits are awesome.