Monday, February 28, 2011

Plaguebearers finished

I finished my 15 Plaguebearers for the 2011 Painting Challenge for this month. I got them finished yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately due to the time crunch of needing to get them done before today because I would not have any time to work on them today, I was not able to finish the tutorial that I started in my last post as I would have liked.

Here is a quick summary of what I did for the rest of the painting. I painted the swords with Chainmail and washed with a thick wash of Chestnut Wash. The tongues and wounds were painted with Scab Red and Highlighted with Blood Red. The leather wrappings around the arms was done with Dark Flesh, Snakebite Leather, Highlighted with Bubonic Brown and washed with a thinned down Chestnut Wash. The bases were painted with Bestial Brown, overbrushed with Bubonic Brown, and drybrushed with Bleached Bone.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Painting my Plaguebearers

It is almost the end of February and I just realized a couple of days ago while recovering from a pretty nasty illness that has made its way through my workplace that I have yet to pick a Painting Challenge project for this month. I have been sick for the last week and I am still recovering, so I need something quick and easy to paint. I looked through my stuff and found that I still had my last 15 Plaguebearers to paint for my Nurgle Daemon army. My painting scheme for these is pretty simple and fast, so I should be able to whip these out pretty quick. I really only need to finish five models for the challenge, but I think I can get all 15 done. That way, I will be that much closer to finishing off this army.

When playing my Nurgle Daemon army, I am frequently told that my Daemons look fantastic and I am asked how I achieve such an effect on them. So, while painting these for the challenge, I thought I would do a painting tutorial for them as I go. This is the same painting scheme I use on all my Nurgle Daemons, from Beasts to Blight Drones to Daemon Princes.

Starting with a black primed models, base coat them with Bubonic Brown. The base coat does not have to be perfect and cover the model evenly. In fact, it works best if it doesn't.

After the base coat is dry, thoroughly wash the entire model with a thinned down green wash. I vary the thinness of the wash on each model to try and give them unique looks, but I try to leave it a little on the thick side. Let dry thoroughly before continuing.

Once the green wash is dry, overbrush the model with Bubonic Brown. Be sure to leave some of the green wash in the recesses of the model.

Then, thoroughly wash with a thinned down red wash. Again, vary the thinness of the wash from model to model while leaving it on the slightly thick side.

Once the red wash is dry, overbrush once again with more Bubonic Brown.

Finally, give them a heavy drybrushing/light overbrushing with Rotting Flesh.

That is it, all that is left to do is paint the details. Unfortunately, pictures do not do this painting scheme justice. When you look closely at the models, the green and red washes under all the overbrushings come through in some really interesting ways and gives the models a really sickly, grotesque look.

Here are some other examples of models I have painted this way.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blightlord Terminators and more Plague Zombies

I have assembled my Blightlord Terminators and my final seven Plague Zombies for my ToFG army. For the Terminators, I used the Forge World Death Guard Terminator bits, but I want to use some green stuff to Nurgle-ify the rest of the model and bring it all together.

For my 'counts as Lesser Daemons' Plague Zombies, I just used the WHFB Zombies like I did for Period III, but this time I made two Zombies using some Cadian bits. I like them, but they they need some more work and green stuff on the Cadian bits to bring the whole model together.

These are not the last Plague Zombies I plan to make. Once the ToFG is over, I can go back and make some more, this time using Catachan and Space Marine bitz.

I have also assembled my Vindicator to the point where I can start to Nurgle-ify it and turn it into a Plague-spitter (a 'counts as Vindicator' that instead of shooting shells, it spits big globs of toxic goo), but since I have not started any conversion work on it, there is no point in just showing a picture of a partially built tank.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Incoming: Tomb Kings

From GW's Website.

An ancient race that has lain dormant for thousands of years, the Tomb Kings now awaken from within their ancient burial pyramids. Cheated from the eternal life that they were promised, the Tomb Kings are instead doomed to an eternal undeath - awakened they thirst for vengeance against those who would disturb their slumber.

At the command of these undying lords march legions of implacable Skeleton Warriors, hosts of chariots crewed by long-dead crewmen and towering statues carved from unyielding stone.

The armies of the Tomb Kings are vast, unstoppable hordes that know neither fear nor remorse - and they shall not rest until all who stand against them are laid low.

This May Warhammer: Tomb Kings is released, containing everything you need to use the legions of Nehekhara in your games of Warhammer.

Alongside the new book we'll also be releases a slew of amazing new miniatures for Tomb Kings players to collect and add to their armies. Details are being kept firmly under wraps for now, but more details will be available over the coming months. To make sure you're the first to see the new models and read the latest news keep your eyes fixed to the pages of White Dwarf, the Games Workshop newsletter and the What's New Today blog.

In the meantime, if you're a Tomb Kings player (or thinking about becoming one) it's time to start building up your Undead hordes in preparation for the new arrivals. So, out with the large drybrush (and the pot of Bleached Bone) and onwards to glory!

Presented below are two exclusive sneak peeks at the upcoming releases. Please keep checking back on the website, and in White Dwarf for more information in the near future.

Last thing I need to be thinking about right now is another army, but last year when I was trying to decide on a Warhammer Fantasy army, Tomb Kings was one of my top choices. Everyone I talked to about them told me to stay away from them because they were bad and there were rumors of a new army book at some point, thus Ogres won out. However, I am still interested in them and I am curious about what this new army book will bring, so I will be watching the rumor mills.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tale of Four Gamers Update, Period IV list

Period III ended last Friday and I still have not got anything painted for it. Then again, I have only painted one model in the last three and a half months. I did get everything built. I have pretty much given up on any hope of getting anything painted for this army before the contest ends on March 5th, but I am going to finish builing it. Here is my Period IV list.
  • Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Wings) - 150 pts
  • 5 Chaos Terminators w/Mark of Nurgle (1x CF & CM, 1x PLC, 2x PF, 1x HF) - 245 pts
  • 7 Plague Marines (Plague Champion w/PF, 2x PG, Icon, Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher) - 286 pts
  • 7 Plague Marines (Plague Champion w/PF, 2x PG, Icon, Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher) - 286 pts
  • 10 Chaos Space Marines (AC w/PF, Icon, 2x MG, Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher) - 270 pts
  • 14 Plague Zombies (Count as Lesser Daemons) - 182 pts
  • 3 Obliterators - 225 pts
  • Plague Hulk (already built) - 205 pts
  • Plague-spitter (counts as Vindicator w/Daemonic Possesion) - 145 pts
  • 4 Objective Markers
  • Total: 1994 pts
I have the Forge World Death Guard Terminator bits I am going to use to make the Terminators. I also have a really cool idea for modelling the Plague-spitter, but you will have to wait to see that.

Because of conflicting schedules, we are having problems coordinating our ToFG games. I have only played three games; I lost two and tied once. I lost twice to the Dark Eldar player who beat me pretty badly. The combination of speed and poisoned weapons was brutal against my slow, high toughness army.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Update

This last Sunday, I celebrated my birthday with a small Super Bowl party at my house and it was a great time. On top of getting to watch one of the best Super Bowls I have seen in a long time, I got some nice Birthday loot that I wanted to show off, mostly for my newly acquired Blood Angels army (which I yet to show off).

I cannot wait to get started on these kits, as well as a couple Furioso kits I picked up with some money I got from selling some stuff that I was not going to use anymore.

Although I have not been doing much modelling or painting lately, I am reading the Horus Heresy series and I have really enjoyed it so far. I just started book four. Reading this series is really making me want to play some Space Marines, so I am going to have to get busy so I can get the Blood Angels onto the tabletop. However, I still have the Tale of Four Games to finish up as well.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winged Daemon Prince Finished

I completed my January project for the 40k Fight Club 2011 Painting Challenge, a winged Daemon Prince. Not my best work, I was rushed in getting him finished before the end of last month and was up late Monday night finishing it. So I was not able to take pictures until last night. It turned out good, although I can see a lot of things I missed.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My First 1500 point Blood Angel list

Here is my first list based on what I acquired with my army.
  • Librarian (Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Might of Heroes) - 125 pts
  • Sanquinary Priest (Jump Pack, Power Weapon) - 90 points
  • Furioso (Drop Pod) - 160 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines w/Jump Packs (Power Fist, 2x Hand Flamers) - 235 pts
  • 10 Assault Marines w/Jump Packs (Power Fist, 2x Infernus Pistols) - 245 pts
  • 10 Tactical Marines w/Rhino (Power Fist, ML, Flamer) - 245 pts
  • 9 Death Company w/Rhino (Thunder Hammer, Power Weapon, Infernus Pistol) - 270 pts
  • Baal Predator (Storm Bolter) - 125 pts
  • Total: 1495 pts
My tactics are to put the Librarian with the Infernus Pistol Assault Squad (for Vehicle Hunting) and the Sanguinary Priest with the other Assault Squad and hold both units in reserve, deep striking them. I will probably deploy the Tactical and Death Company Squads on the table. For the Baal Predator, it will be a deployment time decision to hold it in reserve or not. On turn one, drop the Furioso Drop Pod.