Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ToFG Update and first Blightlord WIP

A quick update on the ToFG. First, we lost our Chaos Daemon player, so it is down to four players. Period two ends this Friday and again I am not going to have my units painted. I am still behind, but I am working on getting caught up. I have everything built for period two except my second objective, but I will have that done in time.

I am working on painting my period one units and here is my first Blightlord Plague Champion. I need to paint his base but I think he is done otherwise. What do you think?

Blightlord Plague Champion

My painting scheme is (so that I can remember):
  • Prime the model black
  • Painting the Armor
    • Base coat with Catachan Green
    • Wash heavily with Chestnut Wash
    • Overbrush with Catachan Green
    • Light overbrush with Camo Green
    • Highlight with Rotting Flesh
    • Paint trim with Boltgun Metal
  • Painting the Skin
    • Basecoat with Rotting Flesh
    • Wash heavily with Purple Wash
    • Overbrush with Rotting Flesh
    • Highlight with Skull White
  • Wash the whole model with thinned-down Devlan Mud
Comments and suggestions welcome.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Your Blightlord looks good to me!

Oh and yes put that paint recipe into a post! I commented on Dicerolla's mention of that just this morning, after having to peruse my old posts to find my forgotten recipe for painting The Purge.

slipwing said...

Thanks Masta Cheef.

Thats funny, I saw that post this morning after I had already posted this. Since I had a whole army of these guys to paint, I wanted to make sure I wrote it down before I forgot it.

Blogs are an under-rated hobby tool, IMO.

Night Runner said...

That is really good looking nurgle space marine. I think you nailed the look well. I especially like the skin. Congrats.

Papa JJ said...

Your Blightlord champ looks great, I too really like the skin tone and the subtle colors you used on the cloth area as well. Very cool! That's nice to see your painting notes here, it really is so useful and I know I should have never stopped using my blog in such a way. I'm glad to have returned though, thanks for the encouragement!

RonSaikowski said...

Looks good. I'd say maybe another thinned down wash or two over the drybrushing to blend it into the base color without making it too dark and he'd really come to life.

I love the coloring, but the excess texture from the drybrushing becomes a distraction for me.

Nice work overall and good luck with catching up, you don't want to be the next to drop from the challenge.

Ron, From the Warp

slipwing said...

Thanks everyone!

@Night Runner: Thanks. I like the skin too. I like the way it adds color and contrast to the model, while maintaining, maybe even improving, the model's sickly appearance.

@Papa JJ: Glad to hear I encouraged you. Your post was a good one and got lots of good comments that insired me, so it works both ways. Thanks back at you!

@Ron: I think I will give that a try, but I am not sure if I should wash with more devlan mud, or try a different color, say like green. Thoughts?

I better not be the next to drop. I was the one who organized the ToFG in the first place. I feel bad enough being so far behind, unfortunately, real life has to come first.

Anonymous said...

Wow - chestnut ink, haven't heard that one in a while.

Your Blightlord is cool - I really dig the flesh. A mate of mine recommended I try a purple wash over necrotic flesh but I didn't think that would work - this proves me wrong. I have a couple of Nurgle Marines on my table at the minute so I migt give it a try this time out.

If you wash with green, it will really stain the rotting flesh. If you try it, use thin coats and build up to it rather than going too thick to start.

If it looks a bit naff, go back with a mix of camo and rotting and touch up (don't drybrush - use selective brush application, almost like a fine edge highlight) what is washed out.

Thats my two cents worth,


RonSaikowski said...

I'd say the green or maybe alternate and be selective with the Devlan Mud and really only apply it in key areas for contrast.

But thinned layers will be the key to keeping the work you have there now.

Ron, From the Warp

Loquacious said...

I completely agree, the skin is just monstrously perfect. Nice job!

Good luck staying in TO4G... it's such a neat idea.

slipwing said...

@RoguePom and Ron: Thanks for the tips, I will give it a try tonight.

@Loq: Thanks and I am determined to stay in it.