Monday, January 31, 2011

Blood Angels!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I am still around and I won't bother to bore you with any details why, but I do have some news that I am excited about. This weekend I traded an old 3000 point Fantasy Dwarf army for a 3000 point Blood Angel army. I am pretty excited about this new army, I love close combat armies and this one looks like it will be fun to play. Here is what I got:
  • HQ
    • Commander Dante
    • The Sanguinor
    • Mephiston
    • Brother-Captian Tycho
    • Librarian in Terminator armor (storm shield)
    • Librarian with jump pack
    • Captain (power sword)
  • Elite
    • Furioso Dreadnought (Ironclad with BA markings)
    • Brother Corbulo
    • Sanguinary Priest, jump pack
    • 5 Terminators (assault cannon)
  • Troop
    • 10 Assault Marines (power fist, hand flamer)
    • 10 Assault Marines (power fist, hand flamer)
    • 10 Tactical Marines (power fist, plasma gun, plasma cannon)
    • 5 Death Company (thunder hammer, power sword, 2 infernus pistols)
  • Fast Attack
    • Baal Predator
  • Heavy
    • Vindicator
  • Dedicated Transports
    • Land Raider Crusader
    • Rhino
    • Drop Pod
I have already picked up one box of Death Company to expand that unit, and will be getting more, plus I will probably pick up the new Stormraven and a couple Furioso dreadnoughts when they come out later this week. Now, where to find the time for this army.


Rhellion said...

Glad you like them! I already have big plans for the Dwarfs, and picked up 2 boxes of Warriors and armed them with great weapons.

slipwing said...

I do, Thanks! The more I read the codex, the more I like them. I am not sure what direction I am going to take them in yet, there are so many possibilities for doing the same thing it is tough to decide. That, and having yet another 40k army is a bit overwhelming at the moment.

Glad you like the dwarves! Part of me misses the little guys, but they have been in a box so long they deserve some playtime.