Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Painting Challenge results...and start of 2011 Painting Challenge

Well, the holidays are over and I hope everyone's holidays were as good as mine. My family and I had a great time this year. Now, 2011 is upon us and I am looking forward to life returning to normal in the new year.

Last year was a good year for me and my hobby. I completed 22 projects with a total of 71 models (a complete list can be seen here). The majority of it was Orks, but I also got some Nurgle Daemons and a couple Terrain pieces done as well. This was due mostly to the 2010 Painting Challenge that I participated in. I was only able to complete 11 of the 12 months for this challenge; the only to month I did not complete was December. For November's Project, I only made it this far on my Ork Meka Dread, but the powers that be said that it was enough to qualify as being complete. I am going to finish it at some point.

Ork Meka Dread

For December's project, we were to paint some army themed objectives. I was not sure how many we were to do, so I built five. Unfortunately, I did not get any painting on them done whatsoever as I only got them built last week. I am planning on getting them painted this year.

Ork Objectives

Here is a picture of everything I got painted for the 2010 Painting Challenge.

Ork Objectives

There is a 2011 40kFightClub Painting Challenge and I am participating in it. The rules for this one are the same as last year except you do not have to stick to the same army and there is no schedule of what you have to paint. This year, you may simply paint any unit for any army as long as you paint the minimum unit size. You can also paint other projects, like terrain. I plan to include projects from all my armies to avoid burnout, like what happened with my Orks last year, and to throw in a couple of terrain projects.

My January project is a second Blightlord Winged Daemon Prince. This is a model I built years ago, but never got around to painting it because I could never settle on a CSM Chapter. Now that I have my own, I think it is time to paint him.

Ork Objectives

One last picture before I go, my Christmas loot, which contains two of my future 2011 Painting Challenge Projects.

Christmas Bounty

I am so far behind in my updates that I am going to take them one at a time. My next post will be an update on the ToFG. - slipwing


Mart said...

woohoo, I got a Fortress of Redemption as well!

Great years work there you should be pleased. I look forward to looking at your blog in 2011!

slipwing said...

Thanks Mart. I like the way my Ork army is looking, too bad I am still a little burned out on it at this time.

I saw you got a FoR on your blog; it is a great terrain piece. This will be the second one I get to build, but I get to keep this one.

Night Runner said...

You have a really great Ork army there. I'm impressed! Oh, by the way we have similiar avatars :)

slipwing said...

Thanks Night Runner.

Cool on the avatars. Somehow I have two avatars and I cannot figure out why. It has been a while since I looked into it.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing bits and pieces of your Ork stuff during the year, but it is great to see them together like this.

They look awesome - Your Warboss just needs some Nobz to chill out with.

Well done mate,


slipwing said...

Thanks Rogue Pom. Actually, there are Nobz in the picture. They are the unit directly behind the Warboss. The one in the front has a Waaagh! banner which is blocking most of the unit.