Friday, October 22, 2010

Tale of Four Gamers

A couple of members of my local gaming club and I are going to be starting a Tale of Four Gamers (ToFG) on November 5th. I am going to be doing my Chaos Space Marine army. I was originally going to make a Death Guard army, but I think I am going to just make my own CSM chapter that mainly focuses on Nurgle, but will allow me to field a non-Nurgle army if I so feel like it. I have a couple of chapter names I am toying around with and will probably post a poll at some point so you can help me choose.

The rules for the ToFG are:

The contest will consist of four periods. In each period, each player must paint 500 points for their army and one themed objective marker. Each period will be four weeks to build and paint your army and one week to play your games. After each period, players will vote for which player has the best painted army and the winner of the vote will get an extra 5 points.

For period one, your army must include one HQ and two troop choices. The first period battle will be a four-way game since the armies are only 500 points.

Scoring is as follows:

  • Army painted on time: +10 pts
  • Voted for best painted army: +5 pts
  • For fighting the battle:
    • Win: 10 pts
    • Draw: 5 pts
    • Loss: 1 pt
  • Misc:
    • -1 point for each unit already assembled

The player with the most points at the end of period four wins.

My first 500 points will be:
  • Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Wings) - 150 pts
  • 7 Plague Marines (Plague Champion w/Power Fist, 2x Plasma Guns, Personal Icon) - 236 pts
  • 6 Chaos Space Marines (Chaos Glory Icon, Meltagun) - 110 pts
  • Objective Marker
  • Total: 496 pts
With only 15 models to paint in the first period, I should be able to get it done pretty quick, allowing me extra time to really Nurgle-up the Daemon Prince. It looks like I may spend some time painting on my lunch hour because I also have to paint my Ork Meka Dread in November for the 40kFC Painting Challenge.

I am going to put together one Chaos Space Marine to paint a test scheme on this weekend. It will have to match my Blight Drones that are already painted, so the base chapter color will be Dark Angels Green.


sonsoftaurus said...

Good luck!

I always enjoy following these sorts of things. What armies are the other folks going to do?

slipwing said...

We have another CSM army and a Dark Eldar one. The fourth one is still up in the air, but is looking like Space Marines.

This is the second ToFG I have done. The first one, even though it never finished, was a blast.

Loquacious said...

I don't think I would like this, but sounds neat.