Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Project Update

I spent most of my free time cleaning and organizing my hobby area this weekend so I do not have much to report. I also spent a bit of time going over my current Nurgle Daemon army and what I still have left to do on it. While everything is mostly done, I still have some unfinished models to complete. In addition to my Plague Hulk that I am currently working on, I have two partially built Beasts of Nurgle that need building and painting and that will finish off a full unit of seven beasts. Epidemius is partially painted and needs finishing and I have a second Blight Drone to paint. And finally there are 15 more Plaguebearers that are primed and need painting. That is it.

While I am eager to start on my Death Guard army, I am going to finish up the following Daemon projects first: Plague Hulk, Blight Drone, Beasts, and Epidemius. It should not take long to finish up these four projects. I rarely need more than the 45 painted Plaguebearers that I already have, so I can hold off on painting the unpainted ones for now.

There are a couple other things I did get done this weekend. I primed both my second Blight Drone and my Ork Mega Dread, my 40kFC Painting Challenge Project for the month of October. I plan to start painting these this week.

I also got some more work done on my Plague Hulk, mainly on Nurgle-ing up the second front claw arm and getting all the legs and arms attached. I still have a bit more Nurgle-ing to do on the back legs but I think it is coming along very nicely. Here are some new WIP pics.

Plague Hulk WIP
Plague Hulk WIP

I also want to thank everyone who comment on my last post regarding the Nurgle Daemon Prince. All the comments were helpful and are appreciated. While I have not started on that project yet, lots of good ideas are brewing and I think I will have a good plan for when I start work on it.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Having recently inherited a pile o' Plague marines, i keep looking at this thing with the thought of a defiler.

slipwing said...

@Da Masta Cheef: Nice on the inheritance of the Plague Marines.

I have dreams of modelling a Nurgle Defiler using the same techniques I have on this one, but that will have to be down the road a bit.