Friday, October 29, 2010

Ork Mega Dread Finished

I have finished my 40kFC Painting Challenge Project for the month of October, my Ork Mega Dread. I like the way he turned out. I'd like to give thanks to Mart (if you have not seen his Ork stuff, it is worth checking out) for the idea of sponging some Chainmail and Tin Bitz onto the yellow that helped put the final touches on it.

Next month's project is Painter's Choice and I am choosing my Ork Meka Dread.


Anonymous said...

Very cool mate.

I just wonder if you should try working some more red onto the front plates like some of your other Orky gear has - sort of a spot colour.

The chipping does add that 'something else' to it.

Well done mate.


Mart said...

Lovely, and you did the pistons! I think your metal work is great as you have made the parts all different types. Very nice I really like it alot!

The only thing I think you could add now is some pigments for a bit of dirt - not essential tho!

I have a serious case of wallet itch now! I'll be at Warhammer World in a couple of weeks so I'll see how my finances are.

slipwing said...

Thanks guys!

@Rogue Pom: I wanted to put more red on the front, but there just was no place I felt it should go. Looking at it again, I see I missed painting the teeth around the hatch red. D'oh! That might have helped.

@Mart: Trust me, the dirt is there, the camera just hides it. I got the same suggestions on my Big mek Stoma until people saw it in person, then they saw it was dirty enough. But thanks for the suggestion.

Mart said...

yeah - I have had similar issues with pictures! lol

Is that a special sized base it comes with?

slipwing said...

Nope, just a stadard GW large oval base. I had to buy it seperately but it fits perfectly.

Loquacious said...

I just love the brassy back metallics. SO well done!

Zheilt said...

Hot damn. That's an attractive model.

slipwing said...

Thank you Loquacious and Zheilt.

a dude said...

A very nice paint job slipwing.

I have been using this pics a reference for a scratch build I am working on, and lacking an actual Megadread myself, I ask how tall is you model, for a sense of scale.