Friday, October 15, 2010

Nurgle Daemons vs Space Wolves - 2500 pts

Last night I headed up to one of my LGS that I do not frequent that often looking for a game for my Nurgle Daemons. I do not really have 2500 pts of Nurgle Daemons yet, but I was able to pad it out by taking options that I normally would not take (Plaguebearers with Noxious Touch & Instruments of Chaos, Daemonic Flight on my DP, IoC on the GUO). I do not think it was an optimized list, but here it is:
  • Great Unclean One (IoC, UM, CoF, BoC, AoD) - 235 pts
  • Epidemius - 110 pts
  • 7 Beasts of Nurgle - 245 pts
  • 15 Plaguebearers (NT, CI, IoC) - 265 pts
  • 15 Plaguebearers (NT, CI, IoC) - 265 pts
  • 15 Plaguebearers (NT, CI, IoC) - 265 pts
  • 15 Plaguebearers - 225 pts
  • Blight Drone - 125 pts
  • Blight Drone - 125 pts
  • Soul Grinder (Phlegm) - 160 pts
  • Plague Hulk - 205 pts
  • Daemon Prince (MoN, DF, IH, UM, CoF, NT, AoD, DG) - pts
This was my first game against the new Space Wolves codex and they were pretty much what I expected. While I do not plan to write out an full battle report, I wanted to write down some of the more memorable parts of the battle.

The mission was Annihilation and the deployment was Dawn of War. My opponent won the roll to see who goes first and he deferred. My GUO, Epidemius, two units of Plaguebearers, and one of the Blight Drones hit the table on turn one. My Opponent held everything back during deployment and brought it all onto the table on turn one.

One of the units of Plaguebearers got shot up and then assaulted by Ulrik and 5 Terminators because they were on his side of the board when they deep striked. Njal used JotWW on the GUO, who amazingly made his Initiative test! The GUO then lost a wound to a unit of Long Fangs.

On turn two, the GUO assaulted the unit of LFs and proceeded to eat three of them. The GUO won combat since the LFs failed to get any wounds through its defenses. Njal joined the LFs in the assault of the GUO on his turn two. The LF again failed to get any wounds on the GUO but Njal got one through. The GUO got one wound on Njal and ate the last two LFs. On Turn three, Njal got two more wounds on the GUO and the GUO proceeded to eat Njal, ending the combat.

Meanwhile, the Ulrik and his Terminators managed to kill off two full units of Plaguebearers, half of a third, and all seven Beasts. However, on the last turn, the PBs managed to kill off Ulrik. That was a vicious unit.

The Plague Hulk was immobilized when it landed in a river and was immediately immobilized, but managed to Vomit on some Grey Hunters. The Plague Hulk survived two shooting phases by Meltaguns thanks to his 5+ Cover save, but died to a power fist.

Final score:
Nurgle Daemons: 6
Space Wolves: 8

Even though I lost, it was still a fun, hard fought game. Before this, I had feared the JotWW and I still do. It helped a lot that the GUO survived this power, otherwise I think it would have been a much different battle since the GUO was the one that killed Njal.

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