Friday, October 8, 2010

1250 Nurgle Daemon Tournament List

On Saturday, October 23, I will be playing in a local tournament that is only for members from my local chapter of the 40kFightClub. It is an annual event that is just for fun and bragging rights. For this tournament, I will be playing my Nurgle Daemon army.

To be honest, I have never considered this army to be competitive. I rarely ever win with it and generally the game ends in a tie. The army has some major disadvantages; it is slow and lacks ranged firepower. However, my recent acquisitions of Blight Drones and a Plague Hulk should help with this. I think it is doable and worth a try. Besides, they say that it is not the army, but the general, who wins the battle.

My initial 1,250 point army list is:
  • Great Unclean One (Cloud of Flies, Aura of Decay) - 185 pts
  • 4 Beasts of Nurgle - 140 pts
  • 14 Plaguebearers - 210 pts
  • 14 Plaguebearers - 210 pts
  • Nurgle Blight Drone - 125 pts
  • Plague Hulk of Nurgle - 205 pts
  • Daemon Prince (MoN, Iron Hide, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Daemonic Gaze) - 175 pts
  • Total: 1,250 pts
Since I have to be prepared for any mission type, I am torn between taking two large units of Plaguebearers (less kill points) or three smaller units (for claiming objectives). I am going to try the two large units first to see how that works.

I am going to try and get in some practice games with this list this weekend to see how well it works. If you have any comments or suggestions for this list, please let me know.

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