Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Second Battle with Empire

Last night, I was up at my FLGS for Tuesday night gaming and I played my second game with this Empire army I am trying out. This time, I played against Gargunki's Lizardmen army. We played the Watchtower mission from the book with Gargunki controlling the tower.
  • Arch Lector of Sigmar: 223 pts (General; Prayers of Sigmar; Hand Weapon; Shield; Sword of Sigismund; Armour of Destiny)
  • Captain of the Empire (Battle Standard Bearer): 93 pts (Hand Weapon; Full Plate Armor; Battle Standard Bearer; Banner of Eternal Flame)
  • Wizard Lord: 285 pts (Level 4 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Rod of Power; Talisman of Preservation)
  • Battle Wizard: 125 pts (Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Dispel Scroll)
  • Warrior Priest: 136 pts (Prayers of Sigmar; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield; 1 Ogre Blade)
  • Master Engineer: 82 pts (Hand Weapon; Repeater Handgun; Light Armour)
  • 38 Halberdiers: 388 pts (Full Command; Hand Weapon; Halberd; Light Armour; Shield)
    • 10 [Det] Handgunners
    • 10 [Det] Swordsmen
  • 30 Swordsmen: 360 pts (Full Command; Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Shield)
    • 10 [Det] Handgunners
    • 15 [Det] Free Company
  • 25 Greatswords: 280 pts (Full Command; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Full Plate Armor)
  • 18 Handgunners: 169 pts (Hand Weapon; Handgun)
    • Marksman: (Hand Weapon; Hochland Long Rifle)
  • Great Cannon: 100 pts (Cannon)
  • Mortar: 75 pts
  • Mortar: 75 pts
  • Helblaster Volley Gun: 110 pts
This time, I decide to use an Arch Lector as my general instead of a General of the Empire. I typically ended up storing two dice in the Rod of Power each phase. Those combined with the extra two dispel dice the Arch Lector generates and the one the Warrior Priest generates, I generally had more dispel dice than my opponent had power dice. It allowed me to shut down practically all of the Slann's magic phases. The Slann got off two spells the whole game (although it only went four turns). It was pretty impressive.

The most exciting phase of the game was when the Slann rolled snake-eyes for his power dice, and cast Regrowth on one of his Saurus units with IF. He had the magic item that allowed him to move the miscast roll to an enemy wizard on a 2+, but he rolled a one and ended up only loosing one magic level.

My magic phases were pretty uneventful as I did roll higher than five power dice all game long. The Rod of Power help with this, but I played conservatively and made sure to store two power dice to use as dispel dice in the opponent's magic phase.

The war machines did not do much in this game. Two units of scouting Chameleon Skinks killed off three of the four with no problems. It seems that scouting skirmishers who hunt war machines run rampant in my local scene and since I have been grouping three of the war machines together so they can all benefit from the Master Engineer, they have a tendency to not survive long. Not sure what to do about this yet.

Empire is an interesting army to run. Not sure if I am sold on them at this time. Overall this was a fun game, however, it was one of those nights when the dice were just rolling terrible for me during several parts of the game. In one enemy shooting phase, I failed five out of six 'Look out Sir!' rolls. The Greatswords (led by the Warrior Priest) were in combat with a unit of Saurus warriors and failed to do a single wound. They broke but at least they were not run down. Still going to get in two or three more games before I decide.

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