Friday, September 17, 2010

First Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary my first post. I originally started this blog for my Nurgle Chaos Daemon army. I was doing a Tale of Four Games at the time and I was planning on documenting my progress it in. Unfortunately, we never did finish the ToFG, but I did get about 1500 points of daemons painted.

In honor of this anniversary, I have started work on a special model for my Nurgle Daemon army. Here is a preview picture.

Plague Hulk


CounterFett said...

That thing is awesome!

jabberjabber said...

I love the FW hulking Nurgle Soul Grinder - its a great model!

Congrats on the 1yr anniversary.

slipwing said...

Thanks jabberjabber.

It really is a great model. My only problem is that the legs look so 'new' compared to the rest of the model, but I have a plan to take care of that.