Monday, September 27, 2010

Empire & Orks down, Ogres & Death Guard up!

Just some quick updates.

The Empire
Although I have only gotten in two games with this Empire army I was gifted, I have decided to put it away. While they seem to have some real potential in 8th edition, I just have too many other projects and armies that I want to concentrate on and I really do not have any desire to spend time on this army. I am not sure if I want to get rid of it either, so I am going to pack them up until I feel like doing something with them.

I am so burned out on Orks right now because of my resolutions. I knew when I made my resolutions this year that this would most likely happen since they all focused on Orks. I did it anyway because I wanted to get as many of my Orks painted as I could. So, with the exception of the 40kFightClub Painting Challenge, all of my resolutions are out. It was worth the attempt because of what I got done.

Now that I do not have to concentrate on my Orks, I am free to get back to work on my Ogres. However, I am still looking for a tribe name and tribal markings so that I can finish up my first unit of Bulls. Right now I am tossing around the name The Gutlords. It may not be the most original name as it is the same name as an Irongut champion, but it has a certain ring to it and I like it. I think it suits them as well. If I do go with this name, I would still need to come up with some kind of tribal marking. Anyone got any ideas?

Death Guard CSM
I have decide to begin work on a a Death Guard army. I got some good advice from DG players over at the 40kFightClub on putting a list together. With the stuff I already have, I just need a couple more things to have a playable army. I plan to take my time with this army, doing lots of conversion work in the process to really make the army unique looking, so it will probably be a while before it is ready for playing.

Nurgle Daemon Princes with wings seem to top the list as the best HQ choice for a DG army, so this will be one of my first projects. My current Nurgle DP does not have wings and I do not want to add wings to him as I run him in my Chaos Daemon army where wings are just too expensive to use. Besides, this gives me a reason to pick up the new plastic DP kit, but it will need a lot of green stuff to make this look right. I need to make a couple Plague Marine Champions with Power Fists, and assemble the rest of my Plague Marines. I will need to pick up two or three Rhinos and a unit of Obliterators as both were highly recommended. My Plaguebearers can proxy for lesser daemons until I such time as I can build some plague zombies for a 'counts as' unit of lesser daemons. Not really required, but would be a cool conversion. I could also use them in a Servants of Decay army from Imperial Armour 7 if I ever wanted to go that direction.

First though, I need to finish up my Plague Hulk.

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