Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Burna Boyz Complete

After a very busy month of August, I managed to finished my Painting Challenge Project for the month, a unit of Burna Boyz. I had orginally hoped to paint a unit of twelve boyz, but there was just not enough time to paint more than five.

Burna Boyz

For September's project, I am going to paint a Killa Kan Attack Mob of three Kans with Rokkit Launchas. I think I am going to set aside painting my Ogres for this month (since I still have not come up with a tribe name yet) and try to catch up on some of my Ork painting. For the past two months I have squeaked by on painting only minimum sized units and I was really wanting to finish whole units. I have already started painting another set of five Burna Boyz, my last Deffkopta, and my Fighta-bomma since it has been too hot and humid for the past couple days to prime my Killa Kans. Once they are primed, I will paint them first and then finish these other projects.

With the end of August, the year is now two thirds over. Looking at my resolutions for the year, I am not as far along as I had hoped to be at this time with only having two completed resolutions. I was expecting to have finished three or four. If it was not for the release of 8th edition Fantasy and me starting up an Ogre Kingdoms army, I think I would be. However, I still think I can finish them all. The only one that I question is the Skullhamma as I have not even started it yet.


Da Masta Cheef said...

eh, no one even remembers their new Year's resolutions after the month of January, so the fact that you're working towards them (if a bit behind) is still commendable!

slipwing said...

Thanks, and you're right no one remembers. I am really trying to use these resolutions to get my orks painted. I have always been bad about staying focused on one army and finishing it. These resolutions have helped.

Papa JJ said...

The burna boyz look great! I too am impressed that you've stuck with the resolutions, I basically tossed out all of mine by the end of February.

Mekaniak said...

Looking good! But still, they're very clean. Ever thought of dirtying them up a bit like these?

slipwing said...

Thanks Mekaniak! I frequently hear that my orks look two clean and normally I contribute it to the camera flash when taking pictures of them (it tends to brighten the yellow). In this case, I did water the devlan mud down too much and I was thinking of going back and muddying them up more.