Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ogre Bulls almost done

I am slowly getting back into my hobby rhythm after several busy weeks. I even got in two games with my Ogres this last Saturday. I played against Rhellion's 'Ard Boyz Skaven list and just got hammered. I figured this would happen as I am nowhere near ready to play Ogres at a 'Ard Boyz level, but I had yet to play him in Fantasy and he wanted some practice against Ogres so I was game. Even though I was trying to expect this, it was still hard to sit there and take such a beating while trying to retain my composure. I think Rhellion is going to do well in the tournament and I wish him luck! The second game was against Orcs & Goblins but we were unable to finish the game. Still it was fun to be out gaming.

Painting-wise, I have been trying to finish up my unit of eight Ogre Bulls and I am almost done with seven of them. The only one left is the standard bearer. Here are pictures:

The reason I say they are only almost done is that I need to add static grass to their bases and finish spray them, but before I can do that, I need to paint them with some kind of tribal markings. I was hoping to come up with unique tribe name instead of using one out of the army book, but I have not been able to come up with a tribe name yet that I like. Until I do come up with one, I will not be able to completely finish these guys. At least that will not stop me from painting other ogre units up to this point.

However, I must first get my painting challenge unit done for this month. I have one week to paint at least five Burna Boyz.

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Rhellion said...

Yeah our game was really not stacked in your favor. Next time we should just play 2000 or 2500 using the GLWL comp rules. I haven't seen what was in the list, but Ogres actually got 2nd or 3rd in the recent huge Australian Grand Tournament (Pilgrimage).

The Ogres are looking great. I'm interested to see what you add to them for markings.