Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun with Papa Nurgle (Part 3)

This is post three in an extended look at playing an all Nurgle Chaos Daemon army. You can find the first two parts here and here.

Daemon Prince of Nurgle
A Daemon Prince is a good thing to add to any Chaos Daemon army. They are feared by opponents and will be high on your opponent's target priority list. With only a T5, 4 wounds, and 5+ IS, they are not that difficult to kill, so you must be careful with them to get the most out of them.

Daemon Princes of Nurgle are better than other DPs because the Mark of Nurgle increases its Toughness to 6. This small increase can go a long way especially against small arms fire. Unfortunately, DPoN do not get FNP like other Nurgle Daemons so with only a 5+ IS to protect the DP, I think Iron Hide is a must.

The DPoN also does not have S&P and when used in an all Nurgle army, it can be one of your most mobile units. If you want to pay the hefty price for Daemonic Flight, it will give the DP more mobility, but I generally find it too expensive to use.

In close combat, DPs are quite good. They have high Weapon Skill, Initiative, Strength, and 4 attacks. As Monstrous Creatures, they ignore armor saves and roll 2D6 for Armor Penetration. I prefer to give them Unholy Might for that extra point of Strength. DPoN have the option to take Noxious Touch, and since you will be wounding on a 2+ most of the time already, this will allow you to re-roll most failed to wound rolls. If you do not take Unholy Might, Noxious Touch is a must.

Cloud of Flies is cheap and is a must as it acts like both offensive and defensive grenades. Aura of Decay is good for if you are going up armies that can have large units. I like to give the DP Daemonic Gaze. It is not cheap, but I find the added ranged attack helps an all Nurgle Army.

I like to use the DP to flank while the GUO is marching up the middle attempting to draw fire.

Soul Grinder
Soul Grinders are one of the best, if not the best, walkers in the game. They have high armor values (13/13/11), and they are Daemon Engines which means they are immune to 'Shaken' and 'Stunned' damage results. They also have Fleet.

Soul Grinders are well armed. The Mawcannon is an weapon with a decent template (S6, AP4). However, I always prefer to take the Phlegm upgrade (range 36" range, S8, AP3, large blast) as it is good for killing off MEQs and destroying lightly armored vehicles. I do not find myself taking the Tongue upgrade as you can only use one of these shots per turn, but it is good for destroying vehicles. The Harvester is good for killing lightly armored troops with its high number of shots and low AP.

Soul Grinders are decent in close combat. They have an average WS and I, and have 4 attacks. They are armed with 2 Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons. One thing to watch out for is your opponent throwing large infantry units against them to tied them up for extended periods.

Like with the DP, I prefer to use the Soul Grinder to flank my opponents. Although Soul Grinders are unaligned, I have modeled mine to be a Nurgle-aligned even though it still counts as unaligned rulewise.

In the final part, I will look at the Nurgle Daemon special characters.

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