Monday, July 12, 2010

WHFB Release Day

The new WHFB rulebook release day was this last Saturday and I spent most of the day hanging out at my FLGS flipping through and talking about the new rulebook. I was also able to get in my second game with my new Ogre army. It was a 1500 point game against Gargunki's Lizardmen. My list is as follows.

1500 Pts - Ogre Kingdoms
  • Tyrant (Armour of Destiny; The Tenderizer) - 300 pts
  • Butcher (Hand Weapon; Dispel Scroll) - 155 pts
  • 5 Ironguts (Standard Bearer; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour) - 260 pts
  • 8 Bulls (Bellower; Standard Bearer; Ogre Club; Ironfist) - 350 pts
  • 50 Gnoblar Fighters (Hand Weapon; Sharp Stuff) - 100 pts
  • 3 Leadbelchers (Leadbelcher Cannon; Light Armour) - 165 pts
  • 3 Leadbelchers (Leadbelcher Cannon; Light Armour) - 165 pts
There really is not much to report from this game. It went horribly for me due to one spell, The Purple Sun of Xereus from the Lore of Death. The Slann Mage-Priest got this spell off on turn 2 and just gutted my army. It was cast on the unit of Ironguts and moved right through my unit of Bulls. If you are not familiar with this spell, it uses the small round template and anything touched by it must pass an Initiative test or be slain outright with no saves of any kind. Against Ogres who are I2 and have multiple wounds, this spell is insanely good. I lost my Tyrant, four Ironguts, and six Bulls to this spell.

Slann Mage-Priests are the undiputed rulers of magic. On turn two when the Purple Sun spell was cast, the Slann had rolled 12 power dice. He also had the magic item that allows him to add one dice to every spell he casts. In addition, he is a level 4 wizard and gets +4 on all casting rolls. That is a lot a magic.

For the second game in a row, a cavalry unit charged a unit of Leadbelchers. A unit of five Saurus Cavalry charged them and lost three models after the Leadbelchers unloaded 24 strength 4 Armor Piercing shots, just like the Dragon Princes did in my first game. Small units of Leadbelchers appear to be great at protecting flanks.

After my WHFB game, I played a game of 40k with my Nurgle Daemons taking on Tau. We played the Seize Ground mission with four objectives and it ended in a draw. A well fought battle by my opponent.

It was a really good day of gaming goodness.


Gargunki said...

Yeah next time we should read the rulebook BEFORE playing a game since we are both WHF n00bs. After spending pretty much all day yesterday reading the book I come to find rules for vortex templates in the magic section. The Purple Sun of Xereus is a vortex template (or whatever the propper name is) and is placed in contact with the wizard and THEN moves in whatever direction you want. You don't place the template anywhere. I did roll high on the artillery dice but if we played this correctly it would have swallowed up only one of your units but also most of my Temple Guard as it moved forward from my Slaan. So we definately need a rematch, I KNEW this power was too good for how we played... game and learn!

slipwing said...

lol! That makes better sense. Game and learn! I am looking forward to the rematch, Hypnotoad is going down! :)