Friday, July 9, 2010

I Hate I2

Not exactly, but I am pretty sick of Initiative 2. I have been playing a bit more lately and it seems like my models are always striking at I2. I stopped and looked at my current armies. Practically all of them have core troops who fight at I2. For 40k, it is Orks, Nurgle Daemons, and Necrons. Imperial Guard is I3 which isn't much better. My new Ogre Kingdoms Fantasy army is base I2 as well. I even have a WHFB Dwarf army that I have tried selling multiple times and have recently considered trying out in 8th Edition, but it too is I2.

I did not set out to collect all I2 armies, it just worked out that way. So I got to thinking about why this is. What do all these I2 armies have in common and what does that fact that I have all these I2 armies say about me as a player?

The first, and biggest, thing that all my armies have in common, with the exception of Imperial Guard, is that they are all Toughness 4 and higher. It makes sense that tougher troops should strike last. It is good for game balance.

The second thing that sticks out is that they are all armies that are not particularly fast. Orks, of course, can be very fast, but I rarely use trukks, bikes, or deffkoptas and tend to favor battlewagons and walkers instead. Chaos Daemons, just like Orks, have the potential to be fast, but I favor Nurgle daemons who all have the 'Slow and Purposeful' rule. Necrons, despite having one of the best Fast Attack units in the game (Destroyers), are still a relatively slow army. Ogre Kingdoms, on the other hand, is one of the faster WHFB armies out there.

There is not really anything else that is common among all these armies that I can see. Orks and Guard are Horde armies, where the others are not. Necrons and Nurgle daemons are heavily armored (I count their 5+ invulnerable save and Feel No Pain the same as being heavily armored), where the others are lightly armored. Orks and Guard have lots of vehicle and daemons have powerful Monstrous Creatures.

Does this say that I prefer durability first and foremost in my armies, and that I am willing to sacrifice speed in favor of it? What do you think? Is there something else here I am not seeing?


Rhellion said...

I'd give the Dwarves a shot in 8th. They move much faster, being able to charge up to 15". They have the best shooting in the game improved with the new pre-measuring and no guess weapons. Their cannons all do d6 wounds now. They have the best anti-magic in the game.

You have to offset that with I2, but it is worth it. They are still tough and have decent armor on most all troops.

Ogre Kingdoms gain impact hits, and Stomp and Thunderstomp. I think their magic remains the be seen how effective it will be. They definitely got a boost in this edition, up from the bottom of the ranks.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Space Marines are T4 & I4, so I don't think you're balance idea flies considering that. I have no idea why 40k Orks are I2, one of my biggest complaints with the army. Its the HTH army that almost ALWAYS strikes last! Why on earth would IG strike before them?

slipwing said...

@Rhellion: I may give the dwarves a try, or I may sell/trade them for a higher Initiative army simply for a change. With High Elves being included in the new boxed set, I may just do them. Ogres I am eagerly looking forward to playing more of.

@Masta Cheef: I definitely agree that Space Marines, and CSMs, are exceptions as would be Warriors of Chaos. However, as a general rule, I think higher toughness troops strike slower to maintain game balance.

As for Orks, if they were not I2, I would feel they were broken. Given the sheer number of attacks that an Ork mob can generate during an assault, Orks can decimate just about anything even after striking last. Think how bad it would be if they struck first. It may not be realistic or logical, but I find them nicely balanced in game.

Da Masta Cheef said...

As opposed to the number of attacks from the never ending hordes of SW & BA, while striking last and only a 6+ save to defend against that? Orks could hardly be considered broken @ I3, which with furious charge would at least allow them to live up to their reputation (for one turn).