Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun with Papa Nurgle (Part 1)

Since acquiring a Nurgle Blight Drone, I have been playing my Nurgle Chaos Daemon army more. This is one of my most enjoyable armies to play even though I rarely win with it. When I first started playing it, I was lucky if I could get a draw. Now, with the addition of the Blight Drone and a (proxy) Plague Hulk of Nurgle, I think it is on its way to becoming a fairly competitive army. Here is my 2000 point list.
  • Great Unclean One @ 210 pts (Unholy Might, Cloud of Flies, Breath of Chaos)
  • Epidemius @ 110 pts
  • 7 Beasts of Nurgle @ 245 pts
  • 15 Plaguebearers of Nurgle @ 250 pts (Chaos Icon)
  • 15 Plaguebearers of Nurgle @ 250 pts (Chaos Icon)
  • 15 Plaguebearers of Nurgle @ 250 pts (Chaos Icon)
  • 1 Blight Drone @ 125 pts
  • 1 Daemon Prince of Chaos @ 195 pts (Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark of Nurgle, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Daemonic Gaze)
  • 1 Soul Grinder of Chaos @ 160 pts (Mawcannon - Phlegm)
  • 1 Plague Hulk of Nurgle @ 205 pts
Before the addition of the previously mentioned models, I would run this same basic army but I would use four units of 15 Plaguebearers. This army was slow and had very little ranged firepower. The Soulgrinder and the Daemon Prince (with Daemonic Gaze) were the only two models with ranged attacks. They were also the only models that were not Slow & Purposeful. Get rid of them and my army would crawl.

Let's take a closer look at these two new units.

The Nurgle Blight Drone is a Fast Skimmer with some decent firepower, but it is lightly armor (12/11/10). It costs a pretty penny (125 points) but is worth it. It's a Daemonic Engine and it does not suffer from Shaken or Stunned damage results (something I overlooked when I first used one). It is armed with a Mawcannon with Vomit (Template; S6; AP4; Assault 1) and Phlegm (36"; S8; AP3; Assault 1, Large Blast), and a Reaper Autocannon. It also treats all Destroyed-Wrecked damage results as Destroyed-Explodes, which can make enemies think twice before assaulting it. The trick to using one is having it survive the first round after it Deep Strikes in as it is a sitting duck for that turn. Also, as a follower of Nurgle, anything it kills counts towards Epidemius' Tallyman count.

The Plague Hulk of Nurgle is a modified Soulgrinder. It loses Fleet but gains Necrotic Fumes (grants 5+ cover save and counts as having both Offensive and Defensive Grenades) and is equipped with Smoke Launchers and, oddly enough, a Searchlight. It also loses the Mawcannon and Harvester cannon, but gains the Rot Cannon (36"; S6; AP3; Ordnance 1, 5" Blast, Rending) and Rancid Vomit (Template; S5; AP3; Poisoned (3+)). Plague Hulks are also followers of Nurgle and get to add their kills to the Tallyman count.

I will no longer have to proxy a Plague Hulk as the one I ordered was delivered just last night along with a second Blight Drone. Expensive as these models are, they are at least dual-purpose. They can be used in a Chaos Daemon army or a Chaos Space Marine army that contains at least one unit of Plague Marines. It is inspiring me to get a Death Guard army running, but it will have to wait until I can finish some other projects first.

Next up, a closer look at the other Nurgle Daemon units.


Rhellion said...

This is my favorite army of yours, because it really just looks great. Can't wait to see the Plague Hulk on the table.

slipwing said...

Thanks Rhellion! I have to admit, it is a good looking army, in a disgusting sort of way. :)