Thursday, July 8, 2010

First 8th Edition WHFB Game

Tuesday night I got to play my first game of 8th Edition Fantasy with my brand new Ogre Kingdoms army. 4th edition was the version that I played quite a bit back in the day, and I played a fair amount of 5th edition. I hardly played any 6th or 7th edition. With such a long break and all the rumors about 8th edition, I was really looking forward to playing a game.

The game was 1000 points and my army included:
  • Bruiser with Brace of Handguns and Wyrdstone Talisman
  • Butcher with Dispel Scroll
  • 5 Bulls with Ironfists, Standard Bearer, and Bellower
  • 5 Ironguts with Standard Bearer and Bellower
  • 26 Gnoblars
  • 2 Leadbelchers
Technically my army was illegal because I was over 25% points with my characters, but I really wanted to try out a butcher. Butchers cannot be the army general, so I had to take a bruiser as well. My opponent let it slide.

My opponent was High Elves and his army consisted of:
  • Mage (Level 2)
  • Battle Standard Bearer
  • 20 Spearmen with full command
  • 15 Phoenix Guard with full command
  • 5 Dragon Princes
The game went pretty quick. On turn one, my Ogres went first and slowly advanced out onto the field. I rolled for my magic dice and got three and my opponent got 2 dispel dice. The Butcher cast Trollguts onto the Ironguts with Irresistible Force and his Miscast roll made him Frenzied. Then he successfully cast Bloodgruel on himself to attempt to regain wound, but it was dispelled. We were not sure if the Frenzied would prevent the Butcher from casting, but we just let him since it was just a practice game.

The High Elves also slowly advanced onto the battle field. The Mage cast a spell (do not remember which one) with Irresistible Force as well, but ended up killing himself and four Phoenix Guard.

On turn two, the Ogres were too far to risk charging, so they moved up closer. The Butcher tried casting Bloodgruel on himself, and for the third turn in a row, the first spell cast that turn was cast with Irresistible Force. The butcher rolled on the miscast table and he took 5 wounds and died.

On the High Elves turn two, the Phoenix Guard charged the Gnoblars and the Dragon Princes (foolishly) charged the Leadbelchers. Both units stood and shot with the Gnoblars failing to kill any Phoenix Guard with their Sharp Stuff, but the Leadbelchers unloaded 16 shots with their cannons at the Dragon Princes killing three. After the charge, the Dragon Princes did four wounds to the Leadbelchers killing one and wounding the other, and the last Leadbelcher cause two wounds which were both saved. The last Leadbelcher, despite being right next to the general, failed its leadership check and fled combat, getting run down by the last of the Dragon Princes.

The Gnoblars did not fair very well again the Phoenix Guard. The elves killed seven Gnoblars and the Gnoblars only managed to kill one Phoenix Guard. The Gnoblars lost combat, fled and were run down.

Turn three saw the Ogre Bulls and Ironguts charging the unit of High Elf Spearmen with the BSB. I foolishly forgot to do my Impact hits for the charge (won't be forgetting that again). The High Elves struck first (as they always do) and managed to kill one Bull and one Irongut. The Bulls and Ironguts killed 9 elves and one combat, but they did not break.

Turn three for the elves involved the Phoenix Guard and Dragon Princes preparing to charge the rear of the two remaining Ogre units. Meanwhile the battle between the HE Spearmen and the Orges (each unit lost one ogre) raged on with the Ogres winning combat again by two, but the elves held steadfast.

Turn four had no movement or magic for the Ogres, so it was right combat. The Ogres again lost a single ogre each and the remaining ogres killed all the spearmen and left the Ironguts alone in combat with the BSB. The Bulls reformed because they won combat and turned to face the charge of the Phoenix Guard.

Turn four for the elves saw the Dragon Princes attempting to charge the Iron guts from the rear and failed (he rolled double ones). The Phoenix Guard successfully charged the Bulls. They killed one ogre, and the Bulls lost combat and fled, but the PG did not pursue. The HE BSB issued a challenge to the Bruiser who accepted and the BSB failed to cause any wounds to the big guy thanks to the Wyrdstone and then was immediately killed by the Bruiser. The Ironguts reformed to attempt to assult the Dragon Princes next turn.

Turn five, the Ironguts charge the Dragon Princes and wiped them out without losing a single Irongut. Then they reformed for the ienvitable charge of the Phoenix Guard. Unfortunately, when the PG charged, the Ogres lost their Bellower which caused them to lose combat and flee.

Overall, I liked 8th edition. I really like the changes to charging and magic. Although I did not mention the Stomp attack that the ogres get in the battle report, it really helped the larger model units survive against the large small model units. I am looking forward to playing more.


Rhellion said...

One thing I have been forgetting in my games that may have applied to your Gnoblars (not sure on the ranks when they fled) is the Steadfast rule. If you have more ranks than your opponent you are Stubborn when forced to do a break test. I only just thought about it, knowing how small Mike's Phoenix Guard unit was on Tuesday.

slipwing said...

I had two ranks at the end combat, I cannot remember if he had one or two. Nice rule though, looks like I will running larger units of Gnoblars.